light bulb replacement how to remove a broken light bulb base from a socket

by:Leimove     2020-01-16
Whether the bulb is accidentally broken, needs to be replaced, or broken when you try to replace the bulb, removing the metal socket from the fixture is a challenge.The outdoor bulb is easy to break from the element or is stuck due to dirt and corrosion around the bottom.The indoor bulb may be screwed too tightly, or there may be dirt in the fixture that causes the bulb to get stuck.Anyway, the old metal base must be removed before inserting the new bulb.
Wear a pair of work gloves to avoid damage from any remaining glass.Wear goggles if the fixture is on your head.
Cut the potatoes in half.Choose a potato with a diameter larger than the metal base of the bulb.
Push the potato firmly to the bottom until the bottom is pushed into the cutting end of the potato.Grab the potato and twist the bulb with it.
Find a ½-If the potatoes don't work, inches of wood in diameter.Use the end of a broom handle or stake.
Apply hot glue to the end of the wood.Push into the bulb base.Fill any gap on the base with hot glue and let it dry for five minutes.
Twist the bulb base with Wood as the handle.This provides the leverage required to remove the base from the socket.
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