light bulb replacement how to remove a dome light cover in the kitchen | ehow

by:Leimove     2020-01-17
Many kitchens have overhead fixtures with top lamp covers, or more often globes that cover bulbs.When the bulb needs to be replaced, the dome lamp cover needs to be removed to enter the bulb.The dome lamp cover is fixed to the fixture by visible thumb screws, or simply screwed into the fixture like a nut in the Bolt.It's a good idea to clean up the dome lamp cover when you put it down to remove dead insects and dust.
Look for screws around the fixture where the dome lamp cover is inserted into the fixture.The screw has a round head, usually a ridge on the outer edge, and the screwdriver has no slot.
Hold the dome lamp cover up from the bottom with one hand.Turn the screw counter-clockwise with your finger.There are usually three fixing screws.Release the screw without removing the screw from the fixture.Lower the dome lamp cover and replace the bulb.Initially use pliers to help turn the screws if necessary.
If you don't see any fixing screws, lift them up slightly on the dome lamp cover.Turn the lamp cover counter-clockwise and remove it from the fixture.
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