light diode Why do women take so long in the bathroom?

by:Leimove     2020-03-06

The women's restroom team is a mile long and the men just go in and out in public. what's the matter?Why might men need to be ready for the third time when we plan a "special" night?What can women do in a small room for such a long time?I did a little research on the topic and asked many friends what they thought about the question, which I came up.When asked how long it really takes in the bathroom, these are the answers I got from single women.Sitting there trying to figure out how to get rid of a bad date!Make sure their hair is perfect.Make up or make up again.They may be in vain and like to look at themselves in the mirror.All the underwear...Then had to pick up all the mess back.We don't dribble or shake until we dry.The mother of a child is a completely different story.Most of these women don't go to the bathroom to make sure they're cute and every hair is still there.The children are wearing dirty diapers and need to be replaced.Turn over the diaper bag to find something for the baby.Change clothes for childrenBlow the child's noseBaby who washes poop in the sink.Wash the baby's broken clothes in the sink.Need to stay away from the kids so they lock themselves in the bathroom.The bathroom is the only place to relax.Enjoy the scent of a beautiful hot bath.There are so many different responses that neither category fits.This is the other response I get from a variety of women.We did wash our hands!Speak on our phone as it is quieter in the bathroom.Chat with our friendsTalking to someone completely newWash our feet, hair, clothes in the sink.Dry or curly hair.Brush your teeth and gargle.Singing.Crying.A quiet place where you can give yourself insulin without being stared.Of course, there will always be Ding and Ding (didn't they do this for the first time?Stephanie said: "If I have been there for a long time, it is usually to relax.Take a hot bath and have a cold beer.Or, damn, we pee longer than men."I took the time because it was the only free room for children at home," Sjarina said.Natasha said: "It depends on when in the day.In the morning, I was slow and motivated.When I am ready, I usually spend too much time playing Words With Friends.In the evening, this is to enjoy the tranquility and aroma of a beautiful hot bath.The scent of raspberry or lavender, epsom salt and hot water can eliminate the pressure.The other thing is that women have to look good and you have to take a lot of steps to do that --Wash, dry, straighten, apply chemicals, apply beauty products-And then you remember, I didn't just look good for a living, you got dressed in a hurry and ran out of the door.Louise said: "This is the only place I can go and have complete privacy so I take as much time as I can.Jenny said: "I always end up having to change Torrey roll paper, clean up the sink, comb my hair, and when you're sitting there you notice spots on the wall or hair on the floor, so I can't just leave with a wipe.In the public bathroomBecause it takes time to cover the seat completely with toliet paper, because you certainly don't want someone to growl on your ass, so the toliet paper is very cheap on every square, don't flood because you used a bunch of paper towels to wrap the toilet seat.My idea is "I have a 6 feet bath in my bathroom.This is basically the reason why I stayed at home for so long.In public, I need time forever because I have three children.No one has access to the bathroom.They are old and can go to the same booth (unless disabled people are open) and then they will wait quickly when everyone takes turns.Then it was to wash hands and dry hands and take toilet paper and paper towels off their soles and trash cans just to wash their hands again.Bonnie went on to write a book for me."I have to find a place to hang my wallet if I use the public restroom.It's impossible for me to put it on the floor and who knows what's on the floor.If there is a strong hanger in the booththat\'s GOOD.Or there is a place on the back of the stool to place it.Most places are gone.So............There is no place to hang it, and there is no place to set it.............When you try to take off your clothes, do your thing and take off your clothes again, you have to catch itdress.If it has a long handle, you can hang it around your neck.If its handle is short, you can grab it with your teeth or under your chin, or try to clip it under your armDoing your thing all the time.Maybe you can tuck it into your zip coat.Now, try undressing and zip your long coat to protect your wallet.My wallet was never small.-It is always quite large, filled with all kinds of "necessities" and reached the intensity.Also, it never failed.You can't find the end of the toilet paper towel in the big plastic monster stand where those who think the toilet paper towel is overpriced must be a deterrent.You never know how it rolls.-It's not just the problem above, it's not just the problem behind it (as my sister insists ).PS After her visit to your house, you can bet she has changed the way toilet paper rolls.Love ya Sis.Most business organizations have agencies that scroll right or left, and you can't see it inside.You feel around, tear off the edges, maybe enough for your little work.If it is really lucky, it will take off as it should.Then, once the dirty behavior is done, try to figure out how to flush it.Oh, surprise you.Sometimes many times before you're done.You want to know who's pressing the button for you.Someone else might have a little black button on the wall.-Of course, nothing was written on it.Seems to be a small LEDs or motion detectors.This is sometimes the case.Heaven forbid a universal Flushing Device for all bathrooms.Then the toilet.I don't get along well with those automatic water that should see you come and start spraying water at the right time.They never work for me.So I stood there and waved to the device, my arm, my handbag --Anything I can think of can get its attention.If there's a little kid around, just let them open the water--They always seem to know how-Or have the right wave, blink or whatever else is needed.We don't have to do it.When you do all the rest of the work, it will be easier to get rid of any water you can get rid of and dry your hands on your pants.You have it.There are many different reasons why women spend so long in the bathroom.It's not just one thing, there are usually multiple reasons why we stayed there for a while.Whether it's doing it or just taking a break, give us some time.We will be back in the end.Hope you like my center.Do you have any other insight into this?I also want to know what people think about this issue.Feel free to comment!
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