light emitting diode bulb How Does Changing the Light Bulbs Help the Environment?

by:Leimove     2020-03-25
light emitting diode bulb How Does Changing the Light Bulbs Help the Environment?
With environmental issues affecting air and water quality, wildlife and even the global climate, it may be difficult to imagine an individual's choice ---Like changing the bulb--Can be any different.However, changing from incandescent to Energy Star-compliant bulbs can significantly reduce the environmental impact of homes or businesses.Energy saving of cooler-Burning bulbs, including CFL and LED, can have a significant impact on your utility bills and making your home greener.CFLs is a compact fluorescent bulb with a soft appearanceServe ice cream.Led is "light-LEDs."The waste heat generated by incandescent lamps increases your home cooling costs and requires you to pay more for home, yard or corporate lighting.According to EPA data, electricity savings for a single energy star bulb are about $6 a year, with a life span of $40.Replacing your indoor, outdoor, garage and commercial bulbs with qualified Energy Star bulbs will save a lot of money each year in addition to helping the environment.An Energy Star bulb replaces about six incandescent lamps because it has a life span of six times that of a normal bulb.If you use 20 bulbs at home, in the life of energyEfficient bulbs, you reduce the number of bulbs you throw away from 120 to 20.According to the website of The Times, LED bulbs can last the rest of your life.CFLs and led save a lot of waste and pollution in the manufacture, transportation, energy production and disposal of incandescent lamps with lower efficiency.Replace only one bulb with Energy Star-Rated bulbs for each American household will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 9 billion, equivalent to about 800,000 carsS.Environmental Protection Department reports.Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is a key factor in tackling global warming and climate change, which can be a factor in catastrophic weather events.More and more energy choices --The bulb is saved and the quality and price are improved.Although early energyThe selection of efficient bulbs is limited, and the updated selection allows you to choose the quality of light that suits your task lighting, mood lighting, or specific lighting needs.Energy Star qualified bulbs meet EPA's strict standards for energy efficiency.If conditions are met, the Energy Star logo will be displayed in the bulb package.The Consumer Report website noted that some LEDs and CFLs are not suitable for some lamps and lanterns.Be sure to read the packaging before purchasing.
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