light emitting diode bulb Light bulbs being replaced by microchips

by:Leimove     2020-03-25
light emitting diode bulb Light bulbs being replaced by microchips
How many scientists do you need to change the bulb?This is not a joke.The ubiquitous light bulb is quietly becoming an quaint relic, like the gas lamp it replaced more than a century ago.Incandescent lamps, neon lights and fluorescent lamps begin to give way to light-Launch microchips with longer working hours and lower power consumption, and allow designers to use light in an unprecedented way.The chips --18 million of people-It is already on display at the $37 million Nasdaq logo in Times Square, New York.They are located on the vibrant facade of Chicago's Goodman Theatre, which was decorated last year on the White House Christmas tree.More notably, the chip is penetrating this blue color.Collar tasks such as lighting traffic lights, brake lights and exit signs.Lighting experts expect the pace of change to accelerate as researchers continue to make unremitting efforts to reduce chips to micro-dimensions, increase the already impressive energy efficiency and increase brightness.The chips are expected to enter the home and office lighting market as early as 2007.Experts say the end result will be a revolution in saving billions of dollars a year in energy and maintenance costs, and how people use lighting in homes and offices to influence their emotions."We're not talking about changing bulbs," said Arpad Bergh, a former Bell Lab researcher, who is president of an industrial trading group that works with the United States.S.The government promotes new technologies."We're talking about a whole new lighting industry."The vision of the revolutionary new use of light reflects the ability of this kind of lighting, also known as solid lightingNational Lighting, under the command of the computer, switches between more than millions of colors almost instantly.The researchers talked about using the technology to make dramatic lighting for movie combat scenes jump off the screen and reflect in the theater, or change the color and brightness of the nursing home lighting at the appropriate time to help the caregiver stimulate or appease the time of the resident.A chip called light.LEDs have great performance advantages in many daily work.For example, in devices like traffic lights, they consume 80% less power than the bulbs they replace and last up to 10 times.Moreover, their security advantage is a gradual fading, not an unforeseen burn-down.In addition to these obvious benefits, though, it is the chip that is easy to match the computer, and that is what people are interested in.The program running on a handheld personal digital assistant is simple enough to change the strength, pattern and color produced by the solidstate lights.Color Dynamics, 5-year-According to an old lighting company in Boston, it can produce up to 16 chips controlled by computers.7 million colors.This flexibility has been applied in advertising and entertainment.Solid-Many Times Square signs and Broadway shows have National lights, such as hairspray."Mad Doc Software based in Lawrence, Massachusetts.He designed tools to link video games to room lighting so that players in Star Trek games that pass through the red nebula can see a side of the room's color change."It's great, the game becomes more immersive," said Ian Davis, founder of Mad Doc .".Architects and architects are considering more ambitious possibilities, including the variability of imitating natural light indoors over time.Lighting experts predict that this flexibility will greatly increase attention to the role of light in people's mood and health once costs fall.Fred oberkilcher, director of the lighting Education Center at the Christian University of Texas, said: "LEDs are only limited by what we put in our computers ."."I was waiting for the day when dark clouds filled my ceiling."It may sound whimsical, but Oberkircher's vision is rooted in research that shows that people will find that they usually work and live in boring, unhealthy situationsWhile most market forecasts are based on solid progressSome experts say this comparison makes no sense in order to match the cost and performance of traditional incandescent lamps and fluorescent white light.Michael Holt, president of LumiLeds, said: "The ability to do what you can't do before will trigger mass adoption ." A leading diode manufacturer jointly operated by Agilent and Philips."In the next five to ten years, people will be more comfortable with the mental and health aspects of light.
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