lighting solutions Matching Dimmer Switches to Halogen Lights for Studio Lighting

by:Leimove     2020-03-11

This article is about assembling dimmer switches, using halogen lamps as portable devices for film studios, areas with insufficient light and evenings.Designed for shooting and photography;Although these units used to have many household uses around home and garden e.g.Perfect for BBQ lighting.Natural light (ideal for shooting) is about 5,600 K.Although the tungsten wire may look white in the eyes of the human eye, it will actually produce yellow light during the shooting process;The halogen lamp will emit a more natural warm white light.However, it is not cheap to buy the right studio lights.So after some research we decided to use the commercial 500 w BuildingOn-site halogen lamps, each halogen lamp costs about £ 35, which is much cheaper than the lighting equipment of similar professional StudiosMy son recently passed his degree in media broadcasting and he is keen to establish-Freelancer in shooting and photography.Working with a partner, they have had a good start and have some shooting projects under their belts, but they are working on a limited budget before they build their business;Ancillary equipment, such as proper studio lighting (which is critical in this business) can take thousands of pounds, which is clearly beyond their reach at the moment.So they want to design and build their own homemade studio lights from household items, in which case they decide to buy the building --On-site halogen lamps are a natural choice for basic solutions.Building-The on-site halogen lamp is basically the same as the external halogen lamp that may be on the outer wall of your home and uses the same R7s/RX7s bulb;Home safety lights are waterproof like halogen lamps, but these lamp units are also portable and very durable;Whether standing on the floor or on a tripod, you can carry it with you.However, to fully use these halogen lamps for shooting and photography, you need to be able to control their outputg.Dim the lights when appropriateSo the task I am accused of is to study and find the dimmer that fits this type of halogen lamp and install a control box from where the lighting is remotely controlled.This shot summarizes the basics of my research and building a lighting control box.The total cost of the three 500 w construction site halogen lamps they want and the additional materials needed to complete this project are only 160 (much cheaper than similar studio lighting ).As a bonus, these lights and the homemade dimmers described below will also be ideal for all other occasions where bright lighting is beneficialg.On the last minute of the hot summer, ignite those BBQ and garden parties to give your party guests a brighter time!How to Discuss halogen lamps in this-The To article is very bright and able To control the brightness and darken it with a good and suitable dimmer switch, which allows you To control the desired brightnessg.Raise the dark lights at the garden party in the evening, and then make the lights brighter when speaking, announcing and buffet offers.De-The construction site halogen lamp selected for this project is a double 500 w lamp unit on a solid tripod with a plug of 500 w for each lamp with a total output of 1000 w;And a separate floor halogen lamp unit of 500 wThe first thing I want to determine is what type of dimmer switch is compatible, and the safe operation of these halogen lamps requires a minimum output load capacity (wattage rating) to reach 500 w using the R7s/RX7s bulb.The light source used in this project is described as a "resistor", a lamp with a filament, giving out heat and visible light;Therefore, it is often necessary to design a dimmer switch to control the "resistor" circuit.In other words (layman's term) a normal dimmer switch for home standard power lamps, 240 v for Europe (120 V for the US ).However, the dimmer switch must support the capacity of the light, taking into account that it must be canceled when using the dimmer halogen lamprated by 25%.As far as laymen are concerned, the dimmer switch requires a spare capacity of 25% with halogen lampsg.The halogen lamp of 400 w requires a dimming switch of 500 w.The reason for using the spare capacity dimmer is that the halogen lamp will generate a large amount of heat, and if the dimmer runs at full capacity, it will also quickly generate a large amount of heat and burn-out;Similarly, when the halogen lamp blows, it produces a short surge, and if the dimmer runs at full capacity, it also blows the dimmer.All dimmer switches generate their own heat and need to consume one watt (heat) for a controlled load per 100 w, so if two or three dimmers are adjacent to each other, each switch can handle quite a large load drop safely, so it must be canceledThe rated power of the two switches is 20% and the rated power of the three switches is 40%g.The three dimmer switches with a maximum load of 500 w are adjacent to each other and can only handle each 300 w safely.The housing of the dimmer switch is another important consideration;The back box needs to be metal instead of plastic to absorb some heat, which can then dissipate through the wall or ventilated e.g.The air gap behind the back box is not insulated.Some of the more expensive dimmer switches have a built-in inhibitor that reduces the power (wattage) of the halogen lamp to the maximum level of safety allowed by dimmer e.g.The 500 w halogen lamp controlled by this type of 500 w dimmer can only operate at a maximum speed of 400 w.500 w halogen lamp de-Rated requires a dimmer switch with a rated load of at least 625 w for safe operation, but above 600 w, the next dimmer switch available is 1000 w.So the simple solution for this project isConnect two 500 w lights so that each has its own separate plug (not just one plug for two) and buy three 1000 w dimmer switches, make each of the three halogen lamps available;Both the double and floor lamps on the tripod have their own dimmer switches and have enough spare capacity to eliminateRating of halogen lamp and dimmer itself.The structure of the control box accommodates three dimmer switches and three power outlets, making it simple and cheap using basic materials;A 12mm piece of plywood is used for the base.The wood is cut into large and small to make boxes about 12 "(300mm) long, 8" (200mm) wide and 5 "(125mm) high.The base made of plywood is cut to a certain size, but can only be screwed in place with four screws (not bonded );Easy access.Three square holes, slightly larger than the metal back box of the switch, are cut out from the front of the wooden box every other time;There is at least 12mm gap between each hole.These openings will hold power outlets.Then cut out the other three square holes from the top of the box (the same size as the first three ).The opening of these three dimmer switches.Dig a hole in the side of the box to accommodate the right male powerCan be plugged into the socket of the power supply.Firm A piece of wood in the wooden box behind the previously cut square hole and glue-The dimmer goes out to live;Similarly, there is a piece of wood in the box behind the square hole to accommodate three power outlets.The two pieces of wood will then provide a firm back and the metal back plate can be screwed firmly on it.Twist each metal back box into a square cut-And drill a hole in each of the four knockout holes and on the wood at the back.It is also possible to drill a series of 12mm holes on the back of the wooden control box, or to cutThere is a vent behind the house;Provide adequate ventilation for the heat generated by the dimmer switch.Sprinkle the sand off the wooden box and taste it.Wood stains and or wax, for example, or apply it to whatever color you want and dry it.In our case, we used wood stains and then beeswax.Finally, connect and secure three dimmer switches, three power outlets and power inlet outlets according to the wire regulations that suit your country;Professional help should be sought if there is any doubt, which should be professional.Basically, the power that comes in needs to be divided into three ways.g.One for each switch and its associated power outlets, which should be done using a 30 amp junction box or a 30 amp junction box (chocolate block.30 amps, because the screw and screw holes are large enough and strong enough to safely (safely) accommodate four wires that are charged, neutral and grounded.Switch and power outlet for each dimmer :-"Live" goes from the junction box (junction box) to L1 (Live for the dimmer switch ).The wire then extends from the common terminal on the dimmer switch to the live (L) on the power outlet ).The neutral line (N) on the power outlet returns the neutral line in the junction box (junction box) to complete the circuit.The ground (E) of the junction box (junction box) shall be properly connected to all sockets and switches.If you have any questions, please consult a professional electrician;If you don't know what you're doing, then there are few things that are more dangerous to play at home than electricity other than gasg.Safety is better than sorry.How often do you take a photo indoors and hope you have more natural light to get better photos or hold a barbecue and hope you have better outdoor lighting.Subject change, you can build a control box for two dimmer switches and buy two 400 watt buildings-On-site halogen lamps, which can be used as double lights on a tripod, or as separate floor lamps for BBQ/garden parties, are ideal for outdoor use as they are wind and rain proof.But please note that you are buying the right voltage, some equipment in the UK is only 120 v, specially used for running from the generator, so you need to make sure that you purchased the construction site lighting equipment with a rated voltage of 240 v.Keep in mind that the wooden control box is not suitable for the weather and needs to be placed in a suitable shelter in wet conditions.Also, pay attention to where you lay the cable and you don't want people to stumble over the tow line.You can then hold your outdoor party and entertain your guests with dim lights to match the mood and make them brighter when you clean them up or at any special moment, until in the evening, such as speech and cut birthday/anniversary cake, etc.Safe and have fun.Artificial light will never match natural light, and white light is made of a mixture of seven colors of the rainbow.Although most artificial light sources may appear white to the naked eye, they usually produce yellow light, causing serious damage to photography and shooting;However, some artificial light sources, such as fluorescent tubes, can be close to daylight in color.Do you know what other artificial light sources produce more pure white light than yellow light?
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