liter of light 11 Brilliant Ways to Reuse Empty Plastic Bottles

by:Leimove     2020-03-03

I drink soda, water and a variety of juices in one bottle, which leads to a pile of plastic bottles piled up in our garage.We may go to the recycling center every three months or more until we are filled with three medium sized bags.Recycling empty bottles will put the money in your pocket, which is very helpful for the cost.But is there any other way to reuse empty bottles?OK, let's see what all these plastic bottles can make.Let me wonder how much I can come up.Yes, I definitely consider using a plastic bottle as a vase, but I didn't expect it to be so good, I mean it is as beautiful and creative as this woven plastic vase.With flowers and water beads, this will be a great design or addition to the living room atmosphere.For a creative person, reuse bottles like this is also a great way to motivate children to become creative bottles.How?Add water to the vase.Let it soak for a few hours or until the beads reach the full size.Once the beads are full, drain the water and your water beads are ready, just add the flowers.You might think, "I'm using plastic bottles repeatedly and now I have to spend money on these beads."I won an auction on Ebay, about $1, free shipping, about 10 bags.But if you plan on going to the grocery store for shopping if you have a store near you, you might want to check out the "99 cents" store because once I go there to buy decorative stones, I found water beads in their shop.Cover the roof with bottles!How smart a way to use plastic bottles, most people either recycle or throw them on blue recycling bins..The bottle was flattened and made into this beautiful roof.If we had a backyard big enough to have a cabin, I would have convinced my dad to make a roof house with plastic bottles.I could see myself spending an afternoon there watching hummingbirds enjoy the feeder and investigate the flowers and bamboo fountains.Planters!planters?It will cost about $1 a cup, but if you can use those two lifted-off Pepsi or cola, that will save you a lot of money.It can save you money (instead of buying a hanging basket) and it can also save you time and gas.Another smart picture of Sir here.Google showed it to me.If you like birds and often have them as visitors to the yard, you may want to try to make this simple feeder, but it will save you a lot of money instead of buying one.I don't have a bird feeder, but it makes me wonder how much it costs for a bird feeder?Every time I go to Wal-Mart, I go through these feeders a few times for less than $20 at a time (depending on style or design ).) Then I went ahead and checked Wal-Mart's website for $20-Shipping charges are not included.In all the photos, this is the one that let me hold my breath.This three-story exhibition hall of Taiwan ecological Ark is composed of one.5 plastic bottles.Not only that, but if they decide to move the structure to a new location, the structure can be disassembled and rebuilt.This shadow of parking is really a great help in hot weather, if this is my car, I think it will smile and say thank you.I hope one day I can find shadows like this, not cars, but commuters.I used to take the bus a lot, it was boring in summer and rainy days, it was hard to wait for the bus to come.I love these pots!It's really a good idea to plant herbs like parsley, basil, onions, garlic and flowering plants.I can imagine a lavender growing inside.I want to try this in our yard.This plastic bottle hanging garden is my thumbs up.This beautiful aerial garden is from Brazil, and with the help of a Brazilian construction expert, a family is helped by a TV show.The flower bottom of the plastic bottle can be made of this.It can be used as a curtain, as well as an indoor and outdoor hanging.Into the garden.Hummers are colored in red, and when they are attracted to red, they can easily identify the cup holders, so that the birds can also recognize your hummingbird feeder.This is what I usually do with an empty plastic bottle: fill it with filtered water.In addition to water, there are juice, herbal tea and even soda.I can't, and I don't carry two liters of soda with me.So what I do is fill my bottle and carry it, then rinse it when the bottle is empty so I can use it again.These empty plastic bottles were reused as solar energy.Power bulbs for poor families.How?A 1 lift-off plastic bottle with water and bleach, tightly sealed with a lid, and then sealed in a hole in an iron roof, the bottle fits just fine on the roof.Is there any smart way to save money when paying electricity, don't you agree?
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