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by:Leimove     2020-01-21
Edison failed 10,000 times before making the first light bulb.Don't be afraid if you fail a few times too.Napoleon Hill, none of us want to fail.More importantly, none of us want to fail.This is a person who is committed to doing something but does not stick to it.For most of us, this is the height of immaturity and the biggest reason to be disappointed with ourselves when we evaluate our entire human value.
Some people may say that these words are too strong.What they mean is that there are worse things like committing a serious crime or constantly repeating some nasty behavior.But in reality, these things can be considered failure to fulfill the promise of being a good person.In other words, they suggest breaking contracts with themselves and society to be everything we ourselves and important others can do.The point of all this is that failure is serious.This is not just a small shortage of human beings.Instead, it's a major--We cannot forgive it in ourselves or in others.Even in the past decade, no one of us can really get ourselves out of trouble because we don't stick to important things.For law-abiding, hard-Staff, losing weight or fitness is one of the biggest stages of failure.As we all know, it is too common to withdraw again from January 1 and March 15.We have done it before, so we hate ourselves.Today is a quote from Thomas Edison's Napoleon Hill, who has not only tried to make light bulbs several times.Obviously, there are even thousands of people that Hill wants us to believe.He wants us to see Edison as a microcosm of a person who is constantly trying, although in fact it doesn't seem to work.We are lucky that he has been doing this.We should try to be like him.However, weight loss is a little different from fitness.Because we all know it's always our fault to resign.Unlike Edison, he may not have blamed himself for so much after 10,000 failures.When we start in January (as many of us will do again in not too many days), we will have a plan, we are eager that this plan will leave us alone.We feel we can't fail again, or we start to wonder what's wrong with us.What is a big flaw that may affect other aspects of our lives?If we are, and if Edison really doesn't have any similar feeling when trying to make the first bulb work, we can see that we actually have a bigger difficulty than he does.Without a successful invention, it would be highly unlikely that he would consider himself a bad person.We are likely to think that we are flawed to withdraw again.When it comes to our appearance and health (some of us may be told we have to lose weight to avoid diabetes), it's really different.Others seem to have succeeded, but for some reason we have not.This is different from Edison.No one else was in his game at the time, and at least no one entered the history book.If so, Edison may feel that he is not as smart or resourceful as another scientist closer to success.This may hinder him.Nevertheless, the point of Edison's story is that we should not give up for any reason.This is largely because the next attempt may be an effective one.This is true when it comes to fitness.Therefore, we should stick to it until our fitness lifestyle of diet, supplement and exercise becomes a part of us, just like brushing our teeth.But is it possible for everyone?In the age of genetic theory, we may be tempted to think that health success may not be possible for some of us.Maybe it's because the genes are not good. we have defects as soon as we are born.Therefore, all efforts are in vain.The idea may make us give up after a failure, which seems to be too many failures at a time, but it's really not enough for us as different individuals.Gene theory was put forward a long time after the Edison era.If he is there, he may have doubts about himself after a great failure.Maybe he was not eliminated to be an inventor?But Edison knows more.So he never gave up.As a result, he finally found a way to make the first light bulb.When it comes to fitness, we have to be like this.Even if we fail for the tenth time this year, we have to try again.Perhaps the best way to make it all easier is simply to refuse to wonder what made us resign.This runs counter to the often beneficial soul-exploration activity in an attempt to find one of our tragic flaws with the aim of correcting it.The truth is that even if we pay for good help, we may be looking for years before we find answers and treatments.Maybe the better option would be to simply say "yes" and I may not be doing it again this year, but I will try whatever another failure means to me.Doing so gives us a deep sense of pride because after another bad attempt to knock us down, we are back on our feet.This pride may be enough for us to go again now rather than wait until the first year of next year.If nothing else, it fits the spirit of the great Thomas Edison.To think further, I chose to stay here despite the fitness failure"Thinking and growing.
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