long life light bulb Understanding the Compact Fluorescent (CFL) Lamp - Bulb, Light & Heat

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What is the basic principle of making lamps and lanterns?Lamps (light sources) are produced by using two principles, one by converting heat into light and the other by discharging a mixture of material and gas.It was the first light source invented by a great scientist, Sir.Thomas Alva Edison was in 1879.The working principle of these lamps is hot.When the current passes through the inside of the glass yellow plate, the tungsten wire is heated and starts to glow.However, 80% of the energy is wasted on generating heat, and only 20% of the energy is used to shine.In an era when electricity is expensive, these lights are now called "power hungry lights ".Due to the low price, it is often used everywhere.Including GLS lamps (bulbs), halogen lamps, etc.The discharge lamp adopts discharge technology, with high luminous efficiency and long life.Here, the discharge between the electrodes leads to the pre-filling of the material and the gasLuminous coating tube.Always use the right controls to limit the current and ensure the lightup of the lamp.It includes low and high pressure.Pressure types based on various applications.Including fluorescent tube lamps (tube lights/FTL), compact fluorescent lamps (CFL), Mercury Steam lamps, sodium steam lamps, metal halogen lamps, etc.It is said that it is under development.Why is CFL the best alternative to GLS lights?The CFL is compact and comparable to the GLS lamp and is therefore considered the best alternative to the GLS lamp.Normal tube light (FTLs) long (4 feet ).Therefore, it is not worth the size of the diameter (38mm) and the larger size compared to CFL (12.3 mm dia).Therefore, it is recommended that the CFL be discussed at any time with reference only to the GLS lights.It will generate a lot of confidence and interest in the prospects.What is Metering?Luminosity is by using complex equipment, measuring the distance and direction of light by installing the lamp at an adjustable and measurable distance from the metering head.It includes the measurement of the intensity of light, brightness, color temperature, color rendering index, etc.To measure accuracy, always use the Halo sphere in the shape of the globe, which is pre-It is coated with ammonium sulfate suspension.What is the rule of thumb for replacing GLS lights?The rule of thumb is that the CFL replaces the 5-fold wattage GLS lamp closest to the standard rating on the market in terms of light output.This means that a similar light output of 100 w gls lamp can be replaced by a one-month w el lamp (monthly Watt I.e.1/5th of 100W).Important: Another rule of thumb is neither an attempt nor a suggestion to replace the FTL with the CFL.As mentioned earlier, CFL is the best alternative to GLS lights.Why do different CFL lamps have different bases?According to the international design, these are mainly to ensure that the relevant lamps are used together with matching fixtures including ballasts.What is CFL?CFL (compact fluorescent lamp) is a vacuum discharge lamp, the latest revolutionary route in the field of lighting.As the name implies, CFL is a bit like ordinary fluorescent lamps, commonly known as tube lamps;But the size must be compact.In addition to the size, another major difference is that the CFL consumes less energy.That's why it's really called a solar cell lamp, which is essential for all.In fact, the volume of the CFLs is small compared to traditional lamps, making it more versatile, available and acceptable.The country of energy-saving lamps --of-the-There are two versions of the art energy-saving lamp: Core and electronic products.They save 80% of the energy, long life, wide color selection and high aesthetics.What is the construction of CFL?The CFL consists of two parts, (1) gas-Filled with coated tubes and (2) magnetic or electronic ballasts.When the power flows through the ballast, the gas in the tube emits ultraviolet light.This in turn stimulates the triple-frequency fluorescent coating wall inside the tube, which emits visible light on the entire surface of the tube.CFLs are state-of-the-Art energy saving lamps with 2 versions (1) Core/PL/NonRetrofit / Non-Integrated Lights and (2) fromThere are town flow/electronic/refitting/integrated lights.What is a three-frequency fluorescent body?The three-band fluorescent body is a mixture of various fluorescent elements called excitation agents, which is crucial for the development of light emission.It helps to convert shortSuper wavelengthPurple radiation in the light.The Tri-frequency fluorescent body is the best quality fluorescent body, capable of emitting red, green and blue wavelengths, compared to salt phosphate with red and blue properties for ordinary fluorescent lamps (FTLs.A small dia tube for a given CFL (12.28mm) compared to FTL (38mm), the use of a tri-frequency fluorescent body ensures a better and more uniform light output for the CFL throughout its lifetime.The price of the three-frequency fluorescent body is 10 times that of halogen phosphate.The sub-The standard fake CFLs on the market are mainly made from the use of halogen phosphorus, so the price is cheaper.What are the features of 4 needle CFL?The 4-pin CFL is designed for electronic operation to provide the possibility of controllable light output (dimming), HF (high frequency) and DC (DC) power supply;When working with electronic equipment, the power supply voltage range is very wide.The electronic gear is able to better control the start-up characteristic of the lamp, allowing for instant start-up, thus extending the life of the lamp.Given its good color rendering features, the 4-pin lamp is ideal for use where light helps to produce flashesThe hotel, restaurant, family, office and so on have a free and pleasant atmosphere.What precautions are recommended for the best results of the CFL?Do not use in closed fittings.Electronic switches are not used in dimming circuits.Operate at a stable voltage.Fragile-Handle it carefully.Don't be exposed to water.Don't take it from the glass.The heat generated by the CFL is reduced by 90%, so there is more light per watt.Compared to conventional incandescent lamps (commonly known as light bulbs or GLS lights), it reduces the electricity bill by nearly 80%, and GLS lights are considered to be a power-consuming light source.CFL is the most energy-efficient light source.Compared to GLS lights, more light output is consumed per watt of power.Production of 11 w cfl is about 540-Compared to 580 lumens of 60 w GLS lamps, 710 lumens.So the CFL 12 for GLS is 49.Compared to the Standard Life range of GLS lamp from 3000 hours to 12000 hours, CFLs has a wide life range of 960 hours to 1200 hours.These are ready for a variety of environmental needs, warm white (2700 k), cold white (4300 k) and cold day White (6500 k) near GLS lights)Under the CFL light, these objects are seen in real and natural colors.The color rendering index (CRI) is over 80.Because most CFLs are worth installing, or make it easy to install into an existing installation.Longer service life, reducing the frequency of replacement, thus reducing the cost of replacement, especially in developed countries with high indirect costs for hotels, audit centers and labor, the installation cost is in an unusually high position.Unlike GLS lights, CFLs helps save room cooling costs by converting more energy into light rather than heat, such as air conditioning, refrigerators, etc.More features than many other lamps with this limitation like metal halogen lamps.Stylish and compact.Suitable for creative lamps and lanterns.Available in 3, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, 13, 15, 18, 20, 23 and 26 W compared to the restricted available range of 15, 25, 40, 60, 75 and 100 W in GLS lights.Demand-The use of CFLs reduces energy consumption by 80%, thus contributing to better demandPower side management.The calculation shows that replacing the 100 w GLS lamp with only 20 w cfl can save about 800 hours on the average life of the CFL lamp.Because the CFL consumes the lowest power per lamp.Due to its compact size.Environment-The electricity saved is power generation, which helps to prevent large amounts of carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide from being produced by power plants.Ultimately, improve the quality of human life and nature around us.
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