long life light bulbs choosing the right light bulbs by john billington

by:Leimove     2020-02-28

When buying bulbs online or in a store, it is helpful to know some of the common lighting terms you will encounter and different types of bulbs.First of all, you may notice that there seem to be thousands of options for home lighting.The heat bulb that most people are accustomed to is called an incandescent lamp, which uses heat to produce light and wastes most of the energy they consume in the process.Compact fluorescent lamps or CFLs are fluorescent bulbs for standard lamps, representing home lighting versions of fluorescent tube lamps that have been used for a long time.Compared with incandescent lamps, CFLs are rapidly gaining a foothold in the lighting industry due to its significant energy saving.Halogen lamps are also energy efficient and produce very bright light, but the amount of heat it generates makes fluorescent bulbs disliked by many consumers.If you have ever purchased a light bulb or any appliance for this, you may encounter the term tile.Watt is the measurement of electricity, or the amount of work that can be done using a given current at a specific voltage.If you are replacing a standard incandescent lamp and are happy with the intensity of the light it produces, you can simply purchase a bulb with the same power.However, if you replace a standard incandescent lamp with a more energy-efficient compact fluorescent lighting, you do not need to purchase the same wattage as the old bulb.Why?Fluorescent lamp soaking in the use of electricity is more than double the efficiency of ordinary bulbs, therefore, the production of the same amount of light as ordinary incandescent lamps requires less watts.For example, you can replace 75 W incandescent lamps with a fluorescent bulb of 20 W and reach the same level of light output.The package of most CFLs represents the equivalent incandescent wattage for your reference.Keep in mind that many fixtures and fixtures specify the maximum wattage bulbs they support, and compliance with this specification is critical to your safety.While the brightness levels in different rooms are largely a matter of personal preference, it would be helpful to consider the lighting levels you prefer for a particular application when purchasing bulbs.Many consumers use the bright lighting of the kitchen to raise awareness, but the ambient lighting in the living room is darker to create an atmosphere.You can use the bulbs already in your home to determine the right power to buy, or adjust the brightness, reduce the brightness, or keep the same brightness.When you buy a light bulb, you will also notice that these options cover a wide range of prices.Compact fluorescent lamps are more expensive to buy than incandescent lamps, but this can be a better value when you consider energy saving and longer life span.Also, check if your utilities, like many people, offer rebates or other incentives to switch to fluorescent lighting.Getting an education on the pros and cons of different types of lighting will help you make informed decisions for your family.
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