low energy bulbs How to make big cuts in the energy you use in your home, and your energy bills

by:Leimove     2020-01-22
Concerns about energy consumption have increased significantly in recent years.Natural gas and electricity prices have been at their highest levels in history, causing a heavy blow to homeowners.In addition, the public is increasingly aware that our energy consumption is leading to global warming, which is causing our climate problems to become increasingly serious.In a recent survey by the Henry Center, more than 62% of respondents said climate change is the biggest problem facing the world today.We use a lot of energy at home.In northern countries like the United Kingdom, our families emit more than a quarter of greenhouse gases.However, it is very easy to reduce household energy consumption in most cases.It can also be very profitable: you can take some major actions to reduce your household's energy consumption and get paid off soon, so you'll start saving a small sum of money soon.Almost every householder should pay attention to 4 to 5 simple measures.
1.Keep your home insulatedIn winter, by keeping more warmth at home, you can save a little bit of wealth on your heating bill.The most common type of insulation to be installed is in the gap between the attic and the outer wall (called "cavity wall insulation ").You can also heat the floor and walls.Not only can this save you money, but your home will be more comfortable in winter and cooler in summer.In addition, in the UK, the investment required is usually recovered in less than two years due to government subsidies for insulation.Also, on average, you will block 1 to 2.Emit 5 tons of carbon dioxide per year.2.Upgrade to super-Efficient condensing boiler.Your boiler is the main energy user in the house.The efficiency of modern condensing boilers is much higher than some models five years ago.They use a lot less gas, so you can save up to 40% of your heating costs.They last about 15 years, so savings really increase over time.Also, by doing so, you save 1 of the estimates.25 tons of carbon dioxide per year.3.Replace your bulb with a low energy bulb.The electricity used by conventional incandescent lamps is reduced by 80%, and from the light they emit, it is no longer possible to distinguish.In addition, they last 10 times as long.So, in addition to cutting the electricity bill, you don't need to take the ladder out often to replace the blown bulb.Now that the prices of these bulbs have fallen, they can pay off the extra costs in a very short period of time (only a few months) with a lower electricity bill.4.Install energy-saving appliances.Replacing your old refrigerator with the most energy efficient model can save you a lot of money on your electricity bill.In fact, using the most energy-efficient model, the cost savings can actually make up for the full cost of the new refrigerator!In addition, you can purchase other energy-saving appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers.In the EU, all electrical appliances have energy efficiency grades, so it is easy to find the most efficient ones.5.Install solar hot water system.This is the most expensive measure mentioned in this article, but it is still worth doing even in the northern climate.The solar system can provide up to 70% of your hot water needs in a year, saving you gas bills.Using solar panels installed on the roof, solar hot water systems can be installed in most houses.This is a tested technology and you may be eligible for government funding to help pay for the installation.By taking these five measures, the average head of household can save hundreds of pounds a year on energy spending and prevent the discharge of several tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.Even taking one or two of these steps can have a big impact.In addition, there are also more advanced measures to consider for those who want to reduce household energy use to a greater extent, such as solar energy and soil source heat pumps.These usually cost more, but can allow your home to further reduce its impact on climate change.As energy prices will remain high and there is not much time to prevent harmful changes in the Earth's climate, it does make sense to improve our homes as soon as possible, including these measures.
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