low energy bulbs Low Energy Lighting - the best investment you are ever likely to make

by:Leimove     2020-01-22
If you get an investment with a guaranteed return of 900% a year, or a return of 10,000% in your life, no tax, it has a positive impact on the world, will you shoot it, right?Well, that's the reward you can get by installing low energy lighting at home and outside.Let's look at some numbers.Now the price of energy-saving bulbs is about 1 pound each.If you replace a light bulb that uses about 3 hours a night, then you save about 9 pounds a year on your annual electricity bill.Because they last a lot longer, each low-energy bulb can save you up to £ 100 in electricity bills over its lifetime, according to energy conservation trust.If you add up all the bulbs and accessories in your home, it saves an amazing amount of money.
In addition, the benefits are not just financial.Using something as simple as a low energy bulb can make a big difference to your personal contribution to climate change by reducing the carbon dioxide emissions you are responsible.Each bulb will save up to half a ton during its service life.If you change 10 old onesIn your house you use a low energy bulb for 2 hours a day and you can save about 25 tons of carbon dioxide per year.Finally, a low energy bulb can save you time and energy.Because they last about 10 times longer than normal bulbs, when you switch to low energy bulbs, you don't have to take the ladder out often to replace the bulbs that have exploded.So why not everyone is changing low energy bulbs?Sadly, too many of us are creatures of habit, just keep buying the same bad bulbs that we have always had.But now, with a wide range of offers and recent developments, the performance of low-energy bulbs is as good as that of older ones --Stylish bulb, it makes sense to replace all bulbs immediately.It does take a little effort to switch at first.First of all, you have to bypass your house and write down the list of bulbs you are currently using, including wattage (60 W, 100 W, etc ).), Type of fixture (screw, bayonet, etc.), size and color (E.G.g.are they toned?) Next, you have to calculate the wattage of a low energy bulb that matches the current bulb wattage (for example, a low energy bulb of 20 watts emits the same light as an old bulb of 100 watts-style bulb).You can find some simple forms online that can help you do this on the website.com.Once you have come up with the bulbs you need to buy, you can go shopping.There are many retailers with low-energy bulbs on the Internet, or now in supermarkets or hardware stores.In addition, you can also save a lot of money by installing more energy-efficient lighting equipment outdoors.With only a few outdoor lights left each night, your home lighting costs and greenhouse gas emissions will double.The best solution is to install daylight and motion sensors in order to turn on the outdoor lights when needed, but not to waste electricity.This also improves the security of your home when someone approaches the house.For out-of-room lights that must remain on for a long time, use an energy-efficient, compact fluorescent or LED light, and choose the lowest wattage light that can provide enough light.In the garden, you can now buy solar garden lights that do not use mains power, so no emissions will be generated when used.Also, you don't need to connect your garden with a wire for lighting.So now that you 've seen all the benefits of low energy lighting, it really makes sense to switch as soon as possible.
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