low energy bulbs Should I put a windmill on my house to save the planet?

by:Leimove     2020-01-21
Wind energy is a technology that has been tested for centuries.Recently, with the attention of people, it has become a popular way of generating electricity.Climate change.Wind power does not generate any carbon dioxide or concerns related to nuclear energy.So many people see this as a major part of the human solutionClimate change.If we can generate a large portion of our electricity from wind energy, we can reduce the amount of carbon dioxide we emit to the atmosphere.In addition, the cost of generating electricity from large wind turbines is falling and is expected to compete with fossil fuel generation costs soon.As a result, there are wind farms everywhere, and each has huge turbines that generate enough power to power thousands of homes.Some are also trying to replicate the technology on a small scale by installing a small wind turbine on their house.Britain's most famous Conservative leader, David Cameron, has installed a small wind turbine on the roof of his London home.
However, for most households, especially in cities, wind turbines are an expensive way to achieve very little.In fact, they are almost useless.A 1 has been calculated.In areas with an average wind speed of 4 m per second in the UK, 75 m diameter wind turbines will generate electricity that is less than 5% of the average annual electricity consumption of British households.This is the assumption that the turbine works efficiently.In the city, however, buildings cause a lot of air flow and slow down wind speed.Therefore, in order for the turbine to work efficiently, it needs to be fixed at a place far above the house (up to 10 m ).Installing a windmill on a long pole like this can cause serious damage to your house, just like trying to produce a larger percentage of power with a larger turbine.The only case where you should consider a wind turbine is that you can place it away from any obstacle such as a building and where the wind is relatively large.Some people living in the country are able to install turbines to generate a large portion of their own electricity.However, the vast majority of people live in cities where small wind turbines are almost useless.What should you do?The first thing you should pay attention to is to use energy more effectively, save heat through insulation, install a superEfficient condensing boiler for energy purchaseHigh efficiency appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines, and installation of low energy bulbs.Once you have taken these basic steps, you can start thinking about using other "cleaning" techniques to generate your own energy.The most cost-effective of these is usually solar hot water, and solar panels on the roof provide up to 70% of the annual hot water demand by utilizing the heat of the sun.You can also consider heating your home using a soil source heat pump, using solar photovoltaic panels on your roof to generate electricity, but these measures can be expensive and not for everyone.More details of all these technologies can be found on down.co.uk.Unfortunately, in the current design, small wind turbines are not the way forward for most of us.Someone may come up with a better design in the future that can work in the city, but until then we have to continue to build larger versions and take other steps to reduce our country's contribution to climate change.
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