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by:Leimove     2020-01-11
"Energy efficiency is not just fruit hanging low, but fruit lying on the ground.\" – U.S.American Energy Secretary Steven Chu June 26, 2009 December 2007 of-President Bush signed the Energy Independence and Security bill into law.Among other things, the law opens the door for energyEfficient bulbs to gain market share in the USS.
However, several commonly used lamp types are exempt under the Act.On June 26, energy minister steven Chu announced a new set of efficiency standards for general purpose fluorescent lamps (GSFLs) and incandescent lamps (IRLs.The rule will take effect in the second half of 2012.
Because these two types of lights account for 45% of the total electricity consumption of lighting in the United States.S., new energy-Efficient bulb rules are significant.In the coming decades, it will save a lot of electricity and harmful emissions due to its production.
This is good news for our shared American wallet and environment.There are green bulbs here.Green bulbs for downlight fixing the rest of this article will focus on using state-of-the-Even before the new efficiency standard comes into effect, the art incandescent light bulb reflects the same.The current minimum efficiency (lumens per watt) standard PAR20 and PAR30, 120 V, 75 W IRLs (established in 1975) month.
The new rules, which came into effect on 2012, apply to the same lights and raise the minimum efficacy to 16.0 and 18.9 lumens per watt.The improvement of this standard means that the efficiency is increased by 28% and 51% respectively.Eco-Friendly bulbs that meet the newly announced 2012 standard are on the market (though not easy to find ).
Savvy readers will doubt that the compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) can easily surpass the new efficacy rules of IRLs.They are right...CFLs typically produce 40 lumens or more per watt, which makes them more energy efficient than the more popular halogen products.But there is a problem: the light emitted by CFLs and some other green bulbs is satisfactory at home or in the office, and it is not as good as halogen lamps in terms of its ability to clearly present colors and details.
Small business case study: Advantages of energySmall, green, retail business owners want to reduce power costs and carbon emissions without sacrificing the light quality needed to properly display their goods.In terms of moving to the right energy source --Efficient bulb, what can car owners do now?Fact: Challenge: owners want to improve the energy efficiency of niche lights without sacrificing the clear, flattering light of the halogen lamps currently used.Recommended: replace 75 W PAR30 long neck bulb with 48 w ge Long life HIR (TM) and PAR30 long neck lamp.
These energy-The production of efficient bulbs is 850 lumens and 90 lumens lower than existing bulbs.The owner found this reduction acceptable a few days after testing the new lights.17 new bulbs are produced.7 lumens per watt, 42% increase in energyMore efficient than old lights.
In addition, it adds 5% more energy.
More efficient than Secretary Chu.
The standard of 48 W, 120 V, 30 Bar (16) was announced.8 lumens per watt ).Finally, the life expectancy of these lights is 40% longer than that of the old ones, thanks to the typical higher energy prices --Efficient bulb.This advantage will reduce the cost of replacement and increase the overall savings.
The savings forecast using green light bulbs new Hampshire is a high-cost power state with a commercial price of 15.As of March 2009, 6 cents per kilowatt hour (citation: US Energy Information Administration ).Shopkeepers estimate that these new energy sources are used 2,000 hours a year.
Efficient bulb.
The retail price is $15.
With 38 lights each, she expects to almost break even after a year.In more than two years, she will have to replace the original 75-watt bulb, and she expects to save $155, or 30%, use a green bulb to illuminate her niche with eight fixed tracks.The newly released GSFLs and IRLs efficiency standards are good news for those concerned with reducing harmful gas emissions from power generation.
According to the office of energy efficiency and renewable energy, these green bulbs will save energy in the United States.S.Starting in 2012, consumers spend $1 to $4 billion a year.Energy ManufacturersEfficient bulb and forward directionHowever, looking for distributors is ahead of the curve.
Therefore, it is possible for home and business owners with downlight fixtures to immediately start gradually using green bulbs without sacrificing the excellent quality of light they enjoy from IRLs
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