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by:Leimove     2020-01-19
The light switch will wear over time and need to be replaced.Replace a light switch, the insulation type when the wire is connected to the device must be removedThe end of the stripped wire will not be disconnected because the wire in the light switch socket may not have much working length.If during a period of time, each time the switch is removed, the end of the wire is disconnected, and there will be a period of time in the future, in the future replacement process, there is not enough wire length to unplug the switch from the wall.
Turn off the power supply at the circuit breaker by switching the circuit breaker switch to the "off" position.
Remove the screws that secure the switch panel to the fixture using the correct type of screwdriver.Gently pull the panel off the wall and place it to the side along with the mounting screws.
Remove the light switch assembly mounting screws that hold the switch assembly firmly on the wall and place them on the side along with the previous switch assemblyRemove the cover and screws.
Gently pull the entire light switch assembly out of the wall so that the wire terminals on both sides of the switch are exposed and can work easily using a screwdriver.Loosen the terminal screw until the end of the bare wire moves freely.Please note how the end of the bare wire is bent around the screw column, because when the end screw is tightened during installation, it bends into a curve.
Grab the curved part of the line with a needle and remove the line from the screw column-Pull out the pointed pliers-and-Away from the screw.If there is not enough space to get the tip of the pliers around the curved part, then grab the insulating part of the wire with the pliers, and then manipulate the light switch with your hand, to facilitate the Hook End of the wire from the terminal screw pile.Perform this step for all additional wires.
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