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by:Leimove     2020-02-15
MR16 LED LEDs are popular alternatives for residential and commercial use.They are popular because the original halogen lamp MR16 is commonly used in the home, and the led can immediately replace most of them.In addition, the led has better quality and many advantages compared to halogen lamps.The MR16 is a formulaic reflector with a diameter of 16 square inches, in other words, 2 inch in diameter.Alternatively, the same bulb has different diameters: the MR11 and MR8 spotlights are multi-faceted reflector in a smaller size.MR16 bulbs usually work at low voltage and have gu5.3 fitting type.The most common operating voltage of these bulbs is 12 V, and if the pin is not sensitive to polarity, it can be installed on both AC and DC power supplies at the same time.The MR16 bulb running on the dry line has a GU10 accessory, known as the GU10 spotlight.In order to be able to understand and value the useful features of the LED replacement, we must simply look at the halogen lamp MR16.The halogen mr16 bulb has a reflective surface: the inside part of the bulb is made of pressure glass or aluminum at a cheap price.The glass surface is constantly under pressure and can easily explode.Reflecting the surface controls the direction and surface of the light and enhances the light of the bulb.The bulb can obtain various beam angles from a narrow angle of 10 to 60 degrees, however, the most commonly used spot light is around 35 degrees.The color temperature of the halogen color MR16 is very warm, the light is yellow, and it is easy to change with dimming.The main drawback of halogen lamps MR16 is their low power conversion rate, converting most of them to heat instead of light.Therefore, their power consumption is high, and the heat emitted is also high, not only touching the danger, but also being placed near the textile or wood during operation.Halogen lamps are a fire hazard for any home and should be installed and operated with care.Halogen lamp MR16 bulbs can emit a large amount of ultraviolet rays harmful to human health and are also sensitive to vibration and vibration.Both issues were solved in part by a glass cover that filters most of the UV rays and acts as an explosive shield.On the other hand, the LED mr16 spotlight is not affected by most of the shortcomings mentioned above.Although the LED lights do not have an internal surface for reflection, since they are a replacement for the original reflector, they are called MR points.The beam angle also varies with the change of the LED light, which is usually controlled within the optical range of the diode.Compared with halogen lamps, the change of color temperature is much larger.The cooler white temperature affects natural light and does not turn the room yellow.At the same time, the color version of The MR16 lamp is also available in the led.LED lights generally have the advantages of cool operation and environmental protectionThe design is friendly and has a long service life (usually around 30-50 000 hours) and the high power LEDs can even work 24/7.Leds are not sensitive to vibration or shock and also work at low temperatures.The most obvious advantage of the Led is that the power consumption is extremely low.Since LEDs convert 90% of the electricity into light, the amount of heat they release is greatly reduced, meaning there is no or very little fire hazard at home.LED lights are also available in Gu5.3 GU10 for low voltage and mains accessories.For the leds working under low voltage, the working power supply is of great significance.Electronic Transformers for halogen lamps are generally not suitable for the operation of LEDs for two reasons.Many Transformers require a minimum voltage to start working, and the led does not start working with only a small amount of power compared to halogen lamps.Another reason, from the point of view of LEDs, is actually more important because the electronic transformer destroys the LED lights.While LEDs are very sensitive to changes in voltage and current, halogen does not require a stable voltage.If you are replacing the halogen lamp MR16, it is better to buy the right LED transformer to ensure that they are longer in service.The LED MR16 lamp is slowly replacing the traditional halogen lamp MR16 lamp for its many advantages.Although halogen lamps are the source of fire hazards and consume a lot of power, the led is safe and cool to operate and consumes only a fraction of the power of a halogen lamp.They also feature a variety of performance, color, color and gentle beam angles that can almost replace any halogen lamp in your home or business.LED MR16, LED MR11, LED MR8, halogen LED, halogen MR16, halogen MR11, LED GU10, halogen GU10, energy-MR16, cool-Run MR16, eco-
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