new led lighting technology Are San Francisco's new LED streetlights too bright?

by:Leimove     2020-03-22
new led lighting technology Are San Francisco\'s new LED streetlights too bright?
LED street lights and vintage sodium street lights on the main streets of San Francisco, CaliforniaMonday, June 19, 2017.LED street lights and vintage sodium street lights on the main streets of San Francisco, CaliforniaMonday, June 19, 2017.Some San Francisco people think the new leadership of the cityElectric street light is not a good idea.On June, city officials announced that they would vigorously promote the replacement of 12,500 outdated street lights with brighter, more energy-efficient lights.Efficient LightingA fixed device for LEDs, also known as LEDs.These lights are designed to increase visibility and reduce power and maintenance costs.But some are blinded by the bright white glow of the new LED lights, unable to keep up with the city's new night tones."They just replaced one of my street lights in the lower Haite and it lit up my living room like a floodlight, reddit user @ Bronco4bay wrote in a post discussing the cost and benefits of the new lights.Redditor @ clampie agreed and wrote, "save the night.The LED should be a warmer hue.That's how most LED lights come out.Known as "blue light", it has a shorter wavelength and produces warmer energy than others.Color type of light.Related video: SF lights up with new street lights, some people think it's better to be brighter, especially in terms of public safety."I 'd rather make it brighter," Rebecca Woo said on Facebook ."."Isn't that the focus of street lights?"While LED street lights look brighter, they actually have the same brightness as they do --According to PUC spokesman Charles Sheehan, colleagues at stress sodium acknowledge that the city has "received some feedback" since the start of the main light release ".Sheehan said that the city measured the "existing light level" on the street and converted the number into LED wattage to match the brightness that already exists on the street, but there are some exquisiteLEDs may look brighter, says Sheehan, because they don't experience lumen depreciation-in other words, they don't darken over time --Pressure Sodium bulb."One can notice this," said Sean, "especially in the streets where the lights are older."Because the LEDs provide a more uniform distribution of light, they don't have glare or dark spots like previous LEDs.The dominant debate is not just an aesthetic issue;Scientists say the effect of LEDs on humans is different from that of highPressure sodium bulbs in traditional street lights in San Francisco."Despite the benefits of energy efficiency, some LED lights are harmful when used as street lights," said Maya A, A member of the board of directors of the American Medical Association (AMA .".Babu in the proposal statement developed by the organization to help cities reduce high hazardsStrong street light.The statement explained that the led light would emit a lot of blue light, which could create a much worse night glare than traditional lighting, endangering drivers and pedestrians.AMA also noted that LED street lights inhibit melatonin production by the human body at night."It is estimated that the white LED light has five times the impact on the rhythm of night and night sleep," the statement said ."."A recent large survey found that bright residential night lighting was associated with reduced sleep time, discontent with sleep quality, excessive drowsiness, impaired daytime functioning and obesity."All street lights in San Francisco are set to a color temperature of 3,000 Kelvins (warm white tones), which is in line with AMA's advice," said Sheehan.Residents are particularly upset about the brightness of the new street lights, and if appropriate, they can call 311 to let the city install light shields.The light shield is an accessory that helps to go down and away from the house.While Sheehan admits that led offers a difference from high-He believes residents will get used to the pressure.Like all major citizen changes, it may take some time for people's eyes to adapt to the light.PUC has a handy map showing the location of the converted street light.San Francisco Chronicle staff writer Dominique Frassa contributed to the report.Michelle Robertson is a staff writer at SFGATE.Email heratm Robertson @ sfchronicle.Comor found her on @ mrobertsonsf's Twitter.
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