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by:Leimove     2020-01-19
The blower and control circuit of the modern gas stove uses its own 110 to 125 V circuit breaker.Cable from circuit breaker to single sheath-A wire light switch located next to the stove.The switch is connected to the stove inside the junction box.The furnace operates the blower motor directly using power and converts some current to low voltage for electronic control and circuits.
Turn off the main circuit breaker in the service panel, remove the cap screws and open the panel.Do not touch the large line from the meter or the terminals they are connected--These wires are always charged.
Move the switch on the new circuit breaker to the off position.Hook the back of the circuit breaker on the metal label of the service panel and press the circuit breaker in place.
Remove a knock-Pull out the plug from the service panel with a screwdriver and pliers and insert the sheath cable sleeve.Strip about 2 feet of the sheath from the sheath cable and insert the cable into the panel through the sleeve.
Strip 3/8 of the insulation from the black and white cable wires.By inserting the wires into the terminals and tightening the screws, the bare ground is mounted on the ground bus along with other ground wires.Install the white line on the neutral bus in the same way as other white lines.Insert the black line in the new circuit breaker terminals and tighten the screws.
Remove a knock-Remove from the panel cover to accommodate the new circuit breaker and re-Install the lid with screws.
Install the switch terminal box near the furnace terminal box and where you can't see it.Route the cable from the service panel to the switch junction box.Route The second cable from the switch patch box to the furnace patch box.Peel the 6 inch sheath from the end of the cable and insert it into the switch junction box.
Peel 3/4 of the insulation from the wire inside the switch junction box.Twist the two ground wires together to make one end free.Change the free end to 180-Bend clockwise around the green switch ground terminal and place the bend.Tighten the ground terminal.
Twist the two white wires together and screw them on the wire nut.Turn the end of the black wire into 180degree bend.Place the elbow clockwise around the switch terminal and tighten the terminal.Install the switch in the junction box with two Supplied screws.Install the cover plate on the switch box with the supplied screws.
Remove the 6 inch sheath from the cable and insert it into the furnace wire box.Peel off 3/4 of the insulation from two wires.Turn the end of all three wires into 180degree bend.Loosen the three terminals in the furnace terminal box.Wrap the bare ground wire clockwise around the green terminal screw.Wrap the white wire clockwise on the silver terminal screw.Wrap the black wire clockwise around the Brass terminal screws.Tighten all three screws and replace the lid.
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