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by:Leimove     2020-02-24
When expressing a need for any brand paper towel or lip balm, is there a requirement for paper towel or Chap stick?Every hobby, every sport, every profession is full of jargon.There is no difference in the electrical industry.Your electrician can call it Romex.®Refers to any non-metallic sheath cable used for wiring your house.A hammer is sometimes called a persuader (such as persuading a tramp you are working to drag his feet quickly!).Electric slang has been in use since the invention of incandescent lamps and continues to inspire new terms, almost anywhere you can flip the light switch.Language is constantly developing.The same is true for electrical work.Diagonal cutter, a kind of pliers, became the word "dam" not long ago."When the sound of a word or phrase is broken together, the Portmanteau word appears, resulting in new coins (such as" smoke "of" smoke ").Emphasize di-The sound of "oblique" and "c" brings the slang "dike" of the pliers ".For a long time, only electricians have known what slang in this industry means, and it varies from region to region.To make matters worse, vendors tend to hoard this expertise.Former general manager of Kennedy power supply, David WeinsteinI have worked in trade for more than 17 years, but I want to share this information.He served and supplied to the northeast of the United States, and over the years, he met "old predecessors" at the counter "--Didn't even think of it-Refers to a product with slang.He was passionate about the history of these terms and spent a lot of time collecting various terms to "… Stop asking the same stupid question over and over [!This gave birth to the trade Lang.Com, a website that defines industry slang and provides the story of the origin of the term.The site is running well but as SirOur company's leadership has shifted from the electrical industry, TRADEslang said.Com has too much maintenance.As chief financial officer of a real estate company in New York, he continues to be successful in the real estate sector.Recently, electronic slang was established on the database he provided.Com [ii] is developed using the expertise of the electric field, providing you with an exciting vocabulary.When you 've been in the industry for a while, you use slang to refer to devices and hardware-regardless of technical considerations.The address of this website is jargon --For the new guy, the daily action can be confusing.If you are new to electrical work with a lost term, please read this dictionary carefullyCourse you might hear-the-job.If you are as long as a copper wire, the contribution in the dictionary may make you feel nostalgic.As a company that spans the South, the site enables jargon in different regions.The creation of electrical slang is to provide a dictionary to integrate the terms currently used throughout the industry, and to lead the direction in the cooperative efforts of Electrical Workers, contributing new terms when the use of new terms arisesInterview on trade, 2003.View here: .[Two] electronic slang.Com is a special power supply company.View here: .
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