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by:Leimove     2020-02-24
Upgrading lighting is one of the easiest ways to instantly update your home decor.The easiest way to change lighting is to use a desk lamp.All you need to do is insert a plug in...Upgrading lighting is one of the easiest ways to instantly update your home decor.The easiest way to change lighting is to use a desk lamp.All you need to do is plug a plug in the socket to feel the vibe in an instant.Joe Rey-Barreau, education consultant at the American Lighting Association and professor of interior design at the University of Kentucky, said, "we may have the most diverse design levels and styles I have seen in the lighting industry, I think it reflects the willingness of the public to make design a major part of their lives.\ "He believes people are more aware of how to improve their space due to programs like HGTV.One way for people to improve space is through different lamp options.As the public became more aware of design, Rey said,Barreau, which gives manufacturers the green light to look at the table lamp in a new way, "creates a huge explosion in design.The beauty of today's lamps and lanterns is an extraordinary change in style --Shape, texture.Rey continued: "The metal finish really exploded in the market.Barreau quotes a variety of finishes from "very polished, bright finishes like polished steel to very subtle shades like bronze and pewter."The finish tends to be more textured, which gives the light" a lot of personality and soul, he says."President Kenroy Todd Lanner --Hunter Lighting Group, a lighting manufacturer based in FL Jacksonville, recently attended the high-point furniture show, where he noted some key trends."The most obvious thing is the use of colors, which has been going on for at least three shows and most obviously staying here.\ "When it comes to color fixtures, the two most popular color palettes at the moment are the Caribbean-Inspired by light orange and water tones;Earthy colors like Coke orange, olive green and eggplant.Director Dave, president of Connecticut light ingcenter, Hartford-The retailer agreed."What we see is a lot of colors, especially bright colors, especially rainbow colors --It's a kind of thing.People are looking for colors to give them a brighter look."In a given space, color fixtures can be used to attract certain design elements or furniture.Another trend observed by Langner is, "after years of being overwhelmed by very stupid, tedious, fancy, excessive thingsThe decorative resin products that the industry has been pushing for, buyers have made it clear that they want natural materials and a simpler look.So, Ken Roy-Hunter has been focusing on the manufacture of wood, ceramics, brass and slate lamps and lanterns.Dave McKee, chief operating officer of Seattle Lighting, a retailer with showrooms in the Pacific Northwest, said Rich bronze and rich colors like red"There has been a general change in quality and natural materials," he observed .".The lampshade has become more adventurous and whimsical in both shape and color use.A few years ago it was almost impossible to sell a color that was not white or cream.Nowadays, dark shades are more popular, especially when used as a key lighting."These shapes are very fresh," said Langner ." They are deviating from traditional bell-shaped or folds, he noted.McKee pointed out that the drum tone in the 60 s style is "hot "."People are getting more interested in shades," he said ."."They are looking for a variety of different treatments and different fabrics.\" Rey-The lampshade made of paper has become very popular, says Barreau, and the paper gives a "wonderful texture ".Murano glass tones are also very popular.The more colorful lampshade is a good way to bring some mood to the room.The trend of color tones decorated with crystals or beads "almost disappeared," Langner said ".Although the desk lamp can be used for task lighting, Rey-Barreau noted that the "very, very small lights" used to emphasize lighting and "increase the atmosphere" exploded.\ "Their small size allows them to be placed in non-Traditional places like bookshelves and windowsills.However, Ken RoyWhen it comes to size, Hunter takes the opposite strategy.Lonner says his retailer is asking for a slightly larger fixture than it is.Perhaps in response to a growing family today.As a result, most of the company's desk lamps are in the range of 30 to 32.In the past, people bought lights and used them forever.The director pointed out that today, more and more people routinely buy lamps to update their products.Just like buying a new set of sheets or pillows.As the director pointed out, "the price of the lamp has not risen, but has fallen.\ "This affordability makes it easier than ever for people to replace fixtures on a regular basis.For most people, it is not economically feasible to keep up with the latest design trends by turning off the high levelTicket items like couches, but by replacing things like pillows and lights, one can immediately change the overall look of the room.When people walk into a space, the director says, the first thing to notice is the quality of the light."Lighting affects us in many ways.When you flick [the desk lamp], your eyes automatically enter it because it is brighter than anything in that space.\ "Because of this, it is important to have a variety of lamp options.Rey-Barreau pointed out that there is even a formula to determine how much lighting is needed for a room, which takes about two watts per square foot, so it takes about 300 watts for a room 12 by 12-Or four 75-watt bulbs.Rey asserted: "There should be at least three lights per roomBarreau, "because this really creates this beautiful triangular light in space.Lei pointed out: "TodayBarreau, people are willing to spend more money at home, including the choice of lights."The increase in disposable income puts more pressure on manufacturers to create more varieties because people say 'I can afford it,' and I hope I can choose to buy it. "."In the end, Rey saidBarreau, "If you work hard enough, it is usually possible to have a wide variety of styles and sizes, find a place for a lamp and find a fixture that meets your standards.
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