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by:Leimove     2020-01-19
The outside lights provide safety and decoration for your home.For convenience, outdoor lights are usually connected to a light switch that can be operated from inside the house.Connecting the two together is an essential part of the electrical wiring work, and it fully meets the averageit-yourselfer.
Turn off the circuit at the breaker box that supplies power to the switch and lamp combination.
Route a two-The conductor wire from the position of the external light to the position of the switch.In a new building or add-on, this is easy to do when the wall is an unfinished column wall.In a finished room, it is usually necessary to route the wire to the back of the wall, pushing the wire from the opening of the wall, just like the opening of a switch or an external light.Select the wire rated in-wall use.
Use the wire cutting machine to peel off the 1/2 insulation from the leads at both ends of the wire.
At the switch end, make a hook at the end of each wire, and then release the screw terminal on the side of the light switch.When the switch is in the "ON" position, the switch will be there around a line around the top screw week;Then tighten the screw.Connect one wire from the circuit breaker to another screw.Twist the remaining two wires (one leading to the light and the other from the circuit breaker) in one wire nut.
By wrapping one wire around the white wire of the lamp with a wire nut, the other wire is attached to the black wire of the light by screwing them together with a wire nut.You have completed the connection between the light switch and the external light.Turn the power on again and test the light/switch combination.
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