plug in light switch Wolfgang Puck 10 Cup Electric Rice Cooker

by:Leimove     2020-03-11

Everything you need to know about your Wolfgang ParkerCup-type rice cooker, including instructions for use and maintenance, the size of the rice Cup, rice cooker recipes!Get to know your rice cooker.The Wolfgang Puck rice cooker has many parts that you should know before using this awesome appliance.Rice cooker housing, steaming basket, handle, removable lid lever, removable lid, lid release button (yes, next to the handle...Not below.When you hold the handle, press the button with your thumb and open the lid at the same time.), Condensation collector, measuring cup, rice cooker, power cord and rice cooker.What is the big Wolfgang puke rice cooker Cup?If you lose your rice cooker cup..don\'t worry!The size of the Wolfgang Parker rice cooker Cup is equivalent to 6 ounces, about 3/4 of a cup.How to remove the cover of Wolfgang puke rice cooker?1) before removing your Wolfgang Parker rice cooker cover, first remove the condensation collector located under the lid hinge from the rice cooker housing.2) remove the removable lid by pushing the lid lever in and lifting the lid straight at the same time.3) Make sure you don't try to remove the inner cover or silicone gasket-Just wash the inner cover with warm soapy water and rinse it thoroughly.4) if required, you can remove the condensate valve to rinse the steam outlet by reversing the steam outlet counter clockwise while pulling up.To re-open the removable lid, slide the lid lever into the lid lever container on the rice cooker housing and push it straight down until the lid is inserted in place.Next, fix the condensation collector back in place by pressing it on the lid rod.1) measure rice using only closed measuring cups.(You can follow the instructions if you lose the measuring cup, but use the 3/4 cup measuring cup.To get the best results, rinse the measured rice until the water becomes relatively clear.2) pour the washed rice into the pan and add water.For 10 cups of raw rice, this will produce 15 cups of cooked rice, measuring 10 tablespoons of complete rice using the amount of rice included in your unit.Add rice cooker.3) add water to 10 cups of wire in the pot.Always add rice to the pan before adding water to the pan.The water level marked on the inner pot is based on the rice that has been added.Put the pot in the rice cooker.5) close the outer cover.The lid closes correctly when clicked.6) insert and immediately press the switch down to "cook ".The cooking indicator light will light up indicating that the rice is cooking.7) when the cooking process is completed, the rice cooker will automatically switch to "warm ".The function of keeping warm will continue until the device is powered off.8) press the release button on the handle to open the rice cooker.To avoid any hot steam, be sure to open the cover facing you.9) remove the condensation collector and clean it after each use.1) pour 1 glass of water into the pan.2) put the inner pot into the rice cooker shell and put the steamer on the pot.3) add ingredients to the steamed basket.4) close the outer cover.5) insert the device and press the switch "cook ".6) You have to manually time the cooking because the device automatically switches to "warm" when the water evaporates ".Asparagus -1 pound -Green or wax beans1/2 pound -Broccoli, Spear3/4 pound -Broccoli, flour3/4 pound -Cabbage, cut into 4 Corners1 pound -1 inch carrots1/2 pound -1 inch carrots1 pound -Cauliflower, flower1 pound -Corn-on-the-Cob, halved each time --2 ears -Red or white potatoes, medium, in four portions1 pound -Red or white potatoes, medium, in four portionsIn the sweet potato, four equal points-1 pound -Snow peas -1/2 pound -Trimmed spinach1/2 pound -Zucchini or zucchini, sliced1 pound -Rice cooker recipe1/2 pound hot andouille sausage cut into 11) rinse rice thoroughly in cold water and spare.Heat olive oil in a big pot©Pan.Advertising for shrimp and stir fry©Until cooked.Take out the shrimp.3) add sausages, onions, peppers and garlic in the same pan.Saut travel©Until the onion is translucent.Stir with tomato sauce.Month) Deglaze pot Marsala wine make month-4 mins.Add chicken nuggets and bay leaves.5) Pour the mixture into the rice cooker of Wolfgang Puck and add the reserved rice and salt.Press COOK.6) When the rice cooker switches the heat preservation (appx 20 minutes), add the cooked shrimp and stir evenly.Jambalaya will be ready in 15 minutes.Rice cooker recipe2 -1) mix macaroni, broth and cream n rice cookers together.Press COOK.Stir occasionally2) when the machine switches to keep warm, add the remaining ingredients and stir thoroughly until all the cheese melts.Press COOK again.After a few minutes, the rice cooker will switch to keep warm;This is where the cheese at the bottom turns delicious brown.Serve.
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