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So you can decide that the Amazon leather cover has its own light.I have been using a case with lights since last Generation 3, this is the keyboard version, as a long termThe term user of this gadget feels very qualified to answer any questions you may have.Use the quick content link below to find the details on this cover, or quickly browse through the comprehensive FAQ for the 16 frequently asked questions I have answered for you.Then, if you have any further questions, please feel free to ask me in the comment form at the end of the page.Note: The New Paper White does not require a special cover as it has a screen with adjustable brightness.Touch lamp case FAQ-What is this box made?It is made of genuine leather and has a smooth appearance (unlike pebbles)Dotted line version 3, outside of the keyboard shell) and soft rather than micro-fiber interiorScratches on the shell and screen.This is a high quality option that reflects the price.What is the color option?The official version has 4 different colors: black, brown, olive green and dark purple.All colors look commercial.Like dark shades, designed to appeal to men, and therefore ideal for Christmas, birthday and Father's Day gifts.How did the case proceed?Unlike the keyboard, when the device is not in use, it has no elastic band or any other mechanism to keep it tightly closed.However, it does fold well without any fasteners.Amazon has always maintained the design of this case, so it is simple and stylish.Does the touch box accumulate?The touch device is perfect for this form --Its size is 7 accessories and lightweight housing.3 h x 5 w x 0.6 d inches and 5.4 ounce weight.It provides it with protection against impact and scratches, especially when transported in bags, backpacks or coat pockets, without adding any unnecessary bulky or heavy weight.Can you read one?Handed?For easy, one-Hand-read, just bend the front at the back of the device so you can hold it with one hand.It is not too heavy to keep this way, which makes reading very comfortable.How do you charge the buildingIn Light?LED lights are built into a compact design and power is obtained from the eink reading device.No batteries are needed and you don't need to charge the case in any way.During use, the light draws a small amount of electricity from the equipment.Because the battery life you touch continues to be impressive 1-The use of this feature will not result in any real significant battery loss or exhaustion within 2 months.How does light work?The plastic arm on the lid is easy to flip on the top and it is made to sit on the pre-Design angle-So don't force it out.When flipped, the lights turn on automatically, and when you push your arms back or close the case, the lights turn off.Cleverly, the bulb works only when your reading device is actually turned on, and when it is in screen protection mode, the bulb works.Is it easy to attach the lid?The special touch point is located at the bottom of the touch, matching some connectors inside the bottom of the shell.Your device can be captured in place by first pushing its bottom into the rubber side.Its installation is much simpler than the keyboard or version 3rd, which has a metal tip or hinge at the spine.Once in, the reader sits very comfortably on the cover and the cover is flush with the device that will not fall off.How about accessing connections and ports?Use this cover for the connection to charge the device, headphone jack, power on/off button, and Home button.However, it does cover the rear speaker and the rear speaker slightly lowers the sound, so if having the clearest audio is very important to you, you need to keep that in mind.This is just a problem when using external speakers.Using the headphone jack will be the same as the normal headset.Need more information?Behind this page, there is also a video!Does the bright lid work with the previous kindle?The bright lid is only suitable for the equipment it makes.The dimensions of all models are different, which is part of why it is not suitable for previous models.In addition, metal hinges that securely secure the eink keyboard device on the internal spine are not compatible with previous models such as 2 or 1.The latest model uses the connector at the bottom of the chassis, not the spine hinge system used here.Do I need lights?Original gray scale e-The ink reader is not backlit.The device doesn't work like a bright computer or mobile phone because the screen is designed to make our eyes read completely comfortable.This means that if you read in a dimly lit place, you will benefit from some kind of light source --Just like you read a book a lot.If you tend to read in the evening, in bed, or on a trip, then the light is likely to be a good idea.You don't need color tablets or paper white lights because they are lit and can be read in the dark anyway.What is the cover made?The sturdy shell is beautifully constructed and made of genuine leather with pebblesThe texture of the outside or the outside.The keyboard Holder comes in 7 gorgeous colors to choose from with a thick elastic band with smart leather Kindle label, securely securing the lid in place when closed.The inside of the cover is lined with charcoal gray soft microfiber fabric designed to protect the screen from scratches.How does it connect to the device?The inside of the cover is two gold-The plated spires along the middle spine are used to securely secure the Kindle in place.This hinge system ensures that the gadget is firmly attached to the leather and does not slide out.Four questions-Does it need a battery?The gold-The plated spires on the keyboard housing provide two key roles.One is to connect the reader to it, and the other is to conduct the electricity of the internal battery to the lamp.This design is very clever, you don't have to worry about the battery.Because the tip is golden.This provides a reliable and stable electrical connection for the lamp.This ensures that you have a light when you are ready.No waste of time looking for a replacement batteryever!Does the light illuminate the screen evenly?The lights are hidden at the top-The top right corner of the keyboard cover and the middle of the Kindle and Touch models.Just grab the top of the lid and pull it out to illuminate the entire screen.The light lit a little towards the top.On the right side of the screen, and gradually darken to the point farthest from the brightness.So it doesn't illuminate the entire screen in exactly the same amount.However, I think this is the case with most accessories, because when it's closer to the original light source, the glow will always be brighter.If the gradual difference in brightness will bother you, then maybe the cover is not for you.This particular case will at least not cause problems with most clipsThere are accessories on-This is a very annoying highlight with the brightest light on the screen.It does bother me when I try to clipVarieties before this.Is the light on?In fact, the LED light is very bright and of course bright enough to be read in the middle of the night without other light sources.This is perfect if you are alone, but it may disturb a light sleeper.Unfortunately, there is no way to adjust the brightness of this model, so you can dim it in this case.But if you do dim it, it may not be good to read it!But yes, it is undoubtedly beautiful and bright for all night reading.Can I read one?When you use this?Although the leather is very hard, it is designed so that you can fold the front of the Kindle to the back so that you can easily hold the gadget with one hand.In fact, front reading that bends backwards like this feels more comfortable than holding a hard reading device alone.Eight questions-Can you charge it in the lid of the device?When you read, you can plug your e-reader into the power outlet and charge it with the plug provided.You can also use the light when your device is plugged in.How is battery life affected?There is no doubt that using the bright lid does drain the battery on the device at a faster rate.Because the battery life of the device is very good, a charge can last for several weeks at a time, so you may find that your battery may last for 2-3 weeks instead of 4-5 weeks.Of course, it depends on how much you use light and your readers.Some users have calculated that you can use the lights for 22 hours in a row before the device needs to be charged.If you only use the light for a few hours a day, then it will not have a significant adverse effect on your battery.If this is really a problem, plug your reader into the wall socket as much as possible when you use the light.A good feature is that the lights turn off automatically when the reader enters sleep mode.After about 10 minutes of no use, sleep mode will appear.So if you happen to fall asleep while reading, the Kindle goes into sleep mode and the lights go off --Both help to maintain battery life.Does the lid add a lot of weight?The leather cover of the keyboard weighs about 8 ounces.For keyboard readers, the weight of the 3g Wifi Kindle 3 is basically doubled due to the fact that it is 8.7 ounces.So it's like you have two gadgets in your hand.The cover really provides great protection for such a lightweight device, but you may not like to read with extra weight --Especially if you read it.handed.If you prefer to read the device without a lid, it is easy enough to remove the device and pop it up after reading the session to prevent scratches and taps.Is the elastic band easy to break?When not in use, the thick elastic band that closes the shell is of very good quality, and in more than a year of daily use, it has not stretched even more, nor has it begun to show signs of wear and tear.But, if you're not lucky enough to get a problem, Amazon has a good track record in terms of replacement and/or refund.12 questions-What happens if I fall asleep while reading?If you happen to fall asleep while reading (good books, right?) Then your reader goes into sleep mode, the screen saver will turn on and the light will turn off automatically.After about 10 minutes of inactivity, the sleep pattern began.The battery on the Kindle is kept because it uses almost no power in sleep mode.Can you adjust the brightness or angle of the light?Once fully extended, the light is designed to be in the best working position as there is no way to adjust its angle.In order for it to work, you have to unplug the light completely.There is no way to adjust the brightness of the light.It's beautiful and bright, and I can only think that you might want to dim it a bit in some cases.Nevertheless, most accessories do not provide a way to reduce the brightness.Are there any other types of lights?There are many clips-If you don't like the idea of using the lid, or you just prefer separate lights, you can choose a different variety.I did use clip-I was not very impressed with the accessories until the premium cover appeared.Once you remove the light, you need to monitor the start position of the light.It can be painful to replace the battery, especially if you have run out and need to buy more batteries or power up some rechargeable batteries.The lights I use have an annoying highlight in the middle of the screen, which is a big disturbance for reading.You can try your head.torch!It may sound a bit strange, but I know there are a lot of people using the headReading lights for general books or electronic reading equipment.You may already have one to try.Why is this box so expensive?If you stop and think about it, the cost of a premium leather cover plus a good quality lamp is actually about the same as the price.So when you compare like to like, it's not expensive at all.The exterior texture of the item is exquisite, and the designer even considers adding a little dent to the lid, once the lid is closed, the thick elasticity is neatly placed on the lid.The way the light fits into the cover corner so neatly is very clever.The money is well worth it in my opinion.In addition to high quality covers and lights, you can get the absolute convenience of a lamp, which is always with your readers and ready to use.Once, no battery needed!.It even has the same color options: black, brown, olive green and purple.The only real difference between the two cases is the size.Because the sizes of these devices are slightly different, their housing is also slightly different.The case of the Kindle 4 can measure 7hx4.7 w x 0.6 d inches.In fact, there is no light coverage on Amazon's Fire tablet.This is because fire is a fully colored backlit tablet.A little bit like a smaller iPad.Its screen is very bright.The brightness of the screen on the fire is adjustable, so you can make it brighter (unlike other devices) and you can also dim it if necessary., It doesn't make sense to use one because it doesn't need lights.You can read in the dark room, no problem at all.For reading in extremely bright sunlight, you 'd better use the standard (non-color) e-Ink reader, optimized for reading in bright natural light.This is just a different way of making different devices.Video demo-Video 1) Great video on how lighting coverage works.Cover of equipment-Watch about half of the video, about 2 minutes later.The device removed from the bright lidWatch in close proximity to the finish line after about 4 minutes.Why don't your lights work?Your lights will not work when the device is turned off or the screen saver is turned on-Turn on the device by switching the power switch and the light should be turned on if the lid is connected correctly-
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