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by:Leimove     2020-01-17
Put one eye togetherThis DIY illuminated lightsaber sweater is looking for clothing for the upcoming holiday party or for creative handmade gift ideas that will surely surprise you.Learn how to make this flashy sweater below!
Choose a loose fit sweater.If the sweater is too tight, the light will rub on you and the battery pack pocket will drum up.
Pass the tip of the blue LED downlight from inside to outside through the front of the sweater.Then pull it diagonally to the top left corner and fold the tip down to satisfy the position where it passes through the sweater, forming a diagonal line about 6 to 7 inch long.
In this position, hot glue sticks the light to the front of the sweater.
Insert a piece of cardboard into the sweater before gluing to prevent the front and back from sticking together.
Repeat this with a red LED light in the opposite direction to produce the "X" effect.
Cut the small rectangle of the aluminum foil and fold it into a finer piece.Then glue them to the bottom of each light strip with heat to create the handle for the lightsaber.
Slide the first fairy bulb out of the inside through the front layer of the sweater, starting at the top of the sweater.Then stick the bulb to the sweater with hot glue so it stays on the surface.
Repeat the process with each bulb from top to bottom, leaving a few inches of space between each bulb until you reach the bottom of the sweater.Your Galaxy is finished now!
Decorate your sequins with hot glue around the collar.I chose to add it only to the front, but you can add it throughout the neckline if you want.
Next, stretch your cotton balls and glue them along the sequins decoration to really emphasize the look of winter!Then repeat this along the bottom of the sweater.
Turn your sweater over and place your felt rectangle at the bottom of one side.Fold the felt and create a pocket large enough to fit your battery pack and glue the pocket hot onto the sweater.
If you don't want all three battery packs in one pocket, you can create two pockets to homogenize things and reduce the drum pack.Just build a pocket on each side!
Now your show-
The sweater is complete.Play around using the lighting settings to make the lightsaber flash, change the color of the stars and so on.There is no possibility in this world!
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