rgb led strip enhance home decoration lighting with a led strip dimmer

by:Leimove     2020-02-09
Many families want to decorate their house with LED emergency lights with good static and vivid dynamic lighting effects.LED bar dimmers are important for controlling the effects of lighting, enhancing and creating different emotions.The most commonly used for decoration and key lighting are monochrome and RGB strips.Choosing the right LED bar dimmer for them can greatly affect the lighting effect.There are all kinds of controllers on the market.Wireless Dimmers are highly recommended due to their easy and flexible control.Wireless dimmers on the market are generally controlled by IR or RF, which is more popular.A complete set of equipment is required to control LED light strips using RF.A remote control and a receiver with 12 V-36VDC input and constant voltage or constant current output.The output of the receiver will be connected to the LED light strip.The remote control will send the RF signal to the receiver that integrates the built-in RF signalIn the RF module that enables it to receive RF signals.The receiver will then decode the signal and output the PWM signal to dim and control the LED bar light.Before operation, the remote control and receiver should be paired first, and it is easy to pair through the keys on the receiver.The RF controller can be used very conveniently with the userThe interface is friendly and can be remotely controlled by a button or touch control.They feature smooth brightness dimming and RGB tone adjustment.For RGB/rgbw led lighting lights, you can also save the color change mode for them for dynamic lighting effects.Even if you have LED lights installed in different areas like the living room, bedroom, bathroom and dining room, you can sync or control them individually with the same RF controller.The same color changing pattern can be played at the same time without any confusion.While using the full touch RF remote control, it will be great to control the LED lights.The touch control dimmer is equipped with an RGB touch color wheel, and the user is free to adjust the RGB tone.The brightness of each R, G, B, W channel can be adjusted independently, thus mixing millions of colors.Brightness can be dim from 0.1% to 100% smooth, no flash, which is very comfortable for the human eye.Built-When changing the mode, the LED emergency light can be used and can be played using the RF remote control.
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