rgb led strip led lighting - how to choose and buy led strip lights

by:Leimove     2020-02-09
To be sure, the LED strip light is one of the most popular products in LED technology.The flexibility of the bar means that you can install lights where you can't install them before, such as under cabinets and under stairs.The only limit is your imagination.But what exactly do you need to pay attention to when you buy LED lights?This is a guide for small buyers.First of all, you must consider the use of your led strip light.Are you looking for high brightness work lights in your cabin or workstation?Or are you looking for decorative lighting behind the bathroom mirror?Working light requires cold light and strong light, which means that the color temperature should be around or above 7000 Kelvin.More than 7000 of Kelvin's cold light and strong light will effectively illuminate the desired area and the object inside, improving your ability to see the specific details of the object, which is why it is considered a work lightDecorative lighting is the opposite.To make the area and objects look more visible, at the same time create a stylish "designer styling" wherever installed ".If your LED strip fixture is decorative, make sure that the color temperature remains below 5000 Kelvin.For some LED strip lights, it will be possible for you to reduce the brightness-with these lights, you should know the maximum voltage load as these voltage loads vary from product to product.How long or wide is the area you want to light up?Take some tape measure and find it from the beginning.When purchasing LED lights, be aware that you may not be able to deliver your specific length-you may have to narrow down.There are cutting points for each LED strip light where you can cut and adjust the length.The most common interval between these cutting points is 2.5 cm, 5 cm and 10 cm.Some products have cutting points for each diode, which means that there are cutting points after every second, third or fourth diode.If you purchase an LED emergency light with a cutting point interval of 5 cm, but your cabinet size is 58 cm, you have to shrink to 55 cm.Prices and quality go hand in hand, and when you buy LED lights, the cheapest product is of the worst quality on several parameters.High-High quality LED emergency lights save up to 20% energy compared to poor quality emergency lights.High quality strips also have a life of 25% longer than those with poor quality.This means that spending more money on high quality LED strip lights will actually save you money in the long run-both in terms of wattage consumption and longevity.Poor quality LED strip lights can also be more fragile in harsh environments where impact, dust and moisture can easily destroy the entire strip band.
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