rgb led strip smart led pixel controller to create amazing color sequences

by:Leimove     2020-02-09
Digital ic led emergency light is widely used for decorative lighting because of its powerful ability to create complex color sequences under the control of intelligent LED pixel controllers.The Smart pixel controller accepts wireless or DMX signal input and sends out an SPI signal to control the IC led bar.The ic led light integrated with the driver IC (micro-controller) is different from the ordinary LED light strip, and each pixel of it is controlled by the IC.It's smarter than the normal strip that all LED chips control together.Different types of ic led lights are integrated.To control the digital integrated electric street light, first make sure that the pixel controller of your choice supports the integrated circuit inside the lamp.Pixel controllers generally support multiple types of integrated circuits, so different types of light can be controlled.The controller can have 512 or more DMX decoding channels enabling it to address 170 RGB or 128 RGBW pixels or more separately.3 channels per RGB pixel and 4 channels for RGBW decoding.As a smart controller, it can control the number of pixels required.All pixels can also be addressed simultaneously through 3 or 4 DMX channels.The DMX console is required to input the signal to the LED controller.IC strip lamps on the market generally use 5VDC or 12-24VDC.Therefore, the controller should be connected to the corresponding power supply.The intelligent controller can create complex color sequences, including Chase, change, sort, and static colors, since each pixel can be addressed separately.These effects are ideal for decoration or facade lighting.For the holiday season, it's great to use this controller to create amazing effects for your Christmas lights.There are two ways to create a color sequence: first, build-In the sequence, the second is the sequence programmed by the DMX console.In addition to the DMX, there are LED pixel controllers that can also be controlled via wireless signals such as RF/WiFi, which means you can control them with a remote or smartphone.You just have to pair it with the remote or connect the smartphone WLAN to the controller network.Then, you can control it through the remote control or application installed on your phone.
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