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by:Leimove     2020-02-09
LED Strip lights, sometimes called LED tape or LED ribbon, are a versatile lighting solution that allows users to create professional lighting effects with minimal effort.These flexible selvesTape for Led (LEDs) at 12-V, can be cut every 5 or 10 cm depending on the type of strip purchased.When they use LEDs, they also consume a lot less power than the old fluorescent strip lights and have a longer duration many times, which makes them more cost-effective.There are two main LED lights:Single color and color change.A single color strip with warm and cool white is ideal for creating subtle or hidden lighting.Most customers stick them under kitchen cabinets and skirting boards, where they create beautiful and practical light, but they can also be used to highlight, highlight, or extra atmosphere at home.A color changing emergency light uses a special type of LED that mixes red, green, and blue (RGB) light at the light source to produce a wide range of colors.These can be used in many applications with the same color as a single, but allow users to switch between static and dynamic color options using a range of different control units.There are very few things to consider when selecting the LED strip, including brightness, chip size, drive, length and IP level.The power/brightness of the bar varies depending on the number and size of the led it uses.The LEDs used by Strip lamps are actually a compact version called SMDs (surface mounting equipment) with two main sizes;Small (3528) and large (5050 ).The number of LEDs per meter will vary, and according to the rule of thumb, the more LEDs, the stronger the strip will be.Since these strips operate under 12 v dc (DC), they require a unit called an LED driver that can "reduce" the supply voltage (240 v ac ).These can usually be purchased as part of the strip lamp kit or sold separately.The maximum load on all drives must be large enough to manage the power consumption of the lights.While strip lights can be purchased by meter, they can also be shortened in length if needed.This can be done by cutting one of the \ "cutting points marked.\ "In the end, splashproof or waterproof coating also makes the LED light a suitable choice for lighting the kitchen, bathroom and even the outdoor area.It is worthwhile to be familiar with the concept of IPs or entrance protection level before selecting the waterproof option.
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