single led light How to Make a Solar Powered Light Bulb for Under Twenty Dollars

by:Leimove     2020-03-24
single led light How to Make a Solar Powered Light Bulb for Under Twenty Dollars
Sun jars --small solar-Power Light in decorative tank-Perfect for patio lighting or mood lighting in any room.Using an LED garden light, a glass jar and some decorative things like ribbons and colored pebbles, a solar jar can be made for less than $20.By stripping components out of solarGarden lights, you can create a beautiful, useful light that just needs to be exposed to light during the day and glow for hours at night.Unscrew the top of the solar garden pile from the glass base.Most of the solar lights can be divided into three parts.Discard the glass cover and the ground pile so that there are lights, solar panels and battery cases on the top.The top of the solar energy-Assemble the lights into masons or cans.If you use a jar with a metal lid, remove the lid and put it aside.Place the panel so that the top of the lamp is flush with the top of the jar.Solar panels should be exposed and you should see LED lights in the jar.If you use a jar with an additional glass cover, you can choose to put the light and panel in the jar and close the lid ---In order to reach the solar panel, the Sun must penetrate the glass cover.Wrap the edge of the jar with a layer of ribbon to decorate it and cover the edge of the lighting assembly.Fix the ribbon with transparent tape.According to the instructions attached to the solar garden pile, place the jar in direct sunlight to charge the battery of the lamp.
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