small led light bulbs for sale How to Change the Bulb on a Streamlight Stinger DS LED Flashlight

by:Leimove     2020-03-20
Streamlight Stinger ds led flashlights use LED bulbs that are exponentially brighter than incandescent flashlights.LED bulbs are dense, hard pieces of glass that burn brighter with less battery power using the amplification process.LED bulbs last longer than other types of lights, but do need to be changed from time to time.Explain the difficulties: like the kitchen or workshop counter, easily lay towels on a flat surface.By unscrewing the battery case, remove the battery cover on the back of the flashlight.Remove the battery.Put the hat and battery aside.Remove the reflective cover on the front of the flashlight and put the LED bulb there.Unscrew the shell on the left side and remove it.Place the flashlight upside down on the towel and remove any broken glass from the bulb from the shell.Grab the remaining LED bulbs from the bulb holder using a needle nose clamp.Throw away the old LED bulb and shake the broken glass on the towel into the waste paper basket.Use the needle nose clamp and pick up the new LED bulb with the base.Put the LED bulb into the housing of the reflector housing.Push the tractor pin on the base of the LED bulb into the pin hole on the reflector housing.This is where the current flows into the LED bulb.Gently press the bulb with your finger to make sure it is set and firmly in place.Screw back the reflector cover and turn to the right to tighten.Put the battery back in the flashlight and screw the battery cap back into place by rotating the battery cap to the right until it is tightened.Eric Cedric, once an Alaska native, has lived in California for 20 years.He published it on "outside" and "backpacker" and wrote a book about small-Alaska town, north-southeast.Cedric has been a professional mountaineering guide and field expedition leader for 18 years.He has worked in Russia, Iceland, Greece, Turkey and Belize.Cedric is a private pilot at Syracuse University.
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