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by:Leimove     2019-09-06

In the good days of the past, you have to test each bulb when your Christmas lights are dim.Today, Christmas lights testers make the work easier and faster.While the bulbs always burn out, you don't have to spend hours looking for the culprit, and you can quickly get back to where to play with new toys.The Christmas string of lights is in series, which means that every light must work properly in order to light the string.When the bulb goes out, it means that the filament that actually produces light has evaporated, it breaks the connection and the entire string of lights is darkened.The newer lamp set has a Splitter inside each bulb, a small piece of wire that stays connected when the filament disappears and keeps the other bulbs lit.It is easy to find defective bulbs when the splitter is working properly.However, these diversions usually fail, and the result is the same as if they did not exist: the entire string of lights is out.You can replace each bulb with what you know is a good bulb to check each bulb.But this method takes a lot of time and is not foolproof because you can't always tell if you are successful in putting the bulb in the socket correctly.Even if you find it burnedWith the bulb out, you might put a replacement bulb without a seat and the rope is still not on.The light tester is designed to detect defective bulbs without having to remove each bulb from the socket.A hum-The Tracer tester works by detecting the electrical vibration generated by the household current.You start with the plug and go in and out of each outlet along the Christmas lights wire.When the unit detects the hum, the LED light on the unit remains lit.The LED light goes off when the hum is obviously weakened.You found a burn at this point.out bulb.When using this type of tester, it is important to know that three wires connect the bulb.One is a charged AC current, or a "hot" wire;Another wire that is grounded or "cold;The third is the light bulb line.All you need to do is test the bulb wire and you can pull it off the other two wires.When there is only one bad bulb and Splitter, the hum tracer may find no hum on the adjacent bulb wire, not the defective bulb itself, but one of the two wires will notIf you encounter multiple consecutive bulb wires without buzz, you will encounter more than one burned-out wireout bulb.In this case, the hum tracer will not be able to locate the bad bulb precisely because multiple defective diverters damage the circuit and no AC current creates a hum through a specific wire part.Another Christmas light tester forces a defective splitter to power on, which causes a good bulb to light up.You can quickly see which bulbs need to be replaced.If the shunt still fails and the good bulb is not on, this tester will also humThe tracer that beeps when it finds the hum.It is more sensitive than the old hum tracker, which makes it easier to find defective bulbs.                                

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