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by:Leimove     2019-09-04

There are various shapes, sizes and types of bulbs.From incandescent lamps in most lamps and fixtures to high bulbsPressure sodium bulbs are often found in street lamps.Depending on the base of the bulb and the socket of the lamp, each bulb can have a different way of disassembly and replacement.Before replacing the bulb, make sure that the replacement size, wattage and base are correct.Don't guess your replacement bulb because there are too many varieties.Remove the lampshade from your light fixture.Screw the bulb counter-clockwise and remove it from the socket.Confirm that the base and wattage of the replacement bulb are correct.There are four sizes for the Edison base, the Candra Barra base, the intermediate base, the medium base and the tycoon base.Insert the new replacement bulb into the lamp holder.Turn the bulb clockwise until it is fixed in the fixture.Replace the lampshade on the lamp.Remove the lampshade from the fluorescent lamp.Twisted straight double-Place the fluorescent tube slightly clockwise or counter-clockwise to release the bulb from the fluorescent socket.Insert the bi-Insert the pins on the replacement fluorescent tube into the fluorescent socket and turn clockwise or counter-clockwise until the bulb is locked in place.Pull a U-The shape fluorescent tube on the flexible metal hook holds it in the fixture.Pull the bulb directly from the fluorescent socket.Insert the replacement U-Insert the shaped fluorescent tube into the socket and fix it on the lamp by inserting the tube into the metal hook.Push in spring-Single loaded socket endPin fluorescent tube fixture loosen the tube from the stable socket end of the fixture.Insert replacement sheet-Insert the fluorescent tube into the spring-Load the socket end and push the bulb into a relatively stable socket to secure the bulb in the fixture.Pull out fourPin connector from round fluorescent tube.Release the bulb from a flexible metal or plastic clip and fix the bulb in the fixture.Insert a new round fluorescent tube into a metal or plastic clip, fix it in the fixture, and then four-Plug the connector into the socket on the bulb.Replace the lampshade on the fluorescent lamp.Remove the shadow from the lamp and reveal the light bulb.Pull the bi-Unplug the bulb directly from the socket.Verify the wattage and pin spacing of the replacement bulb based on the bulb you removed.The wattage and pin spacing of the bulb are different.If the halogen pair is replaced, wrap the replacement bulb in a paper towelpin bulb.Push the replacement bulb into doublepin socket.If the bulb is not suitable, please verify that the replacement bulb and pin position are correct.Replacement Light-fixture cover.Remove the lampshade from your fixture to reveal GU10 or bayonet-Base bulb.Grab the GU10 and the bayonet-Base bulb, gently push the bulb when turning the bulb counter-clockwise, loose overhead from the socket.Align the pin from the bulb with the opening on the socket of the bayonet and GU10 bulb.Push in and turn the bulb clockwise to secure it in the socket.Replace the lampshade to the light fixture.Open your light fixture to reveal the wedgebase bulb.Pull the wedge-Base bulb outside the socket.Push and replace the wedge-Base bulb on lamp socket.Replace the cover to the light fixture.Remove the cover from the lamp and enter the halogen tube.Pull double-Spring end halogen tube-loaded socket.Replace the halogen tube with a paper towel wrap because the oil on your finger can damage the bulb.Double push replacement-Halogen lamp with spring end-loaded socket.Replace the cover of the lamp.                                

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