standard led light bulb Lighting for Your HO Scale Model Locomotive

by:Leimove     2020-03-09

Proper locomotive lighting can bring realism to your HO layout!Life-Like Trans-from Amazon.This is a very cute starter kit and the details are very good, one thing I noticed is that the lighting setting of the locomotive is very poor.It has an incandescent lamp and uses a plastic light guide to guide the lamp to the headlights on the locomotive.The light on the locomotive will change the intensity with the speed of the train, which is really incorrectlife-like.The picture shows a single incandescent lamp in the locomotive.What is "Mars" alone?Lights at the front of the locomotive.The Mars Light is a special warning light that has been used on locomotives since 1940.In order to attract the attention of motorists and pedestrians, the beam usually oscillates in an 8-shaped mode.Take action!Add realism to your HO Scale locomotive!1.Regardless of the speed of the locomotive, keep the same light intensity, note that my starter is a standard DC system, which may not be a problem with the DCC (Digital Command Control) system.2.Simulate the fire starlight at the front of the locomotive.This is the constant intensity light circuit I use and I broke my first "breadboard first" rule because I built this circuit many times before and it always works like a charm.The circuit is connected in series with the DC motor in loco and provides a constant voltage for the LED to be used as a headlights on the locomotive.This is a picture of the complete perf board.Here is the circuit I use the Mars light.This circuit is designed for rotating beacons on lighthouses, but it works equally well for fire starlight.I replaced the high-intensity LED with an incandescent lamp.Now I made the breadboard first on the beacon circuit because I have never used this circuit before and before submitting it to the perf board I need to know that it fits my liking.Below is a photo of me testing the Mars lighting circuit at the front of the locomotive for Mars lighting.Note: the circuit does not make the LED work like a real Mars lamp;It just makes the LED different in strength as it turns on and off like an incandescent lamp.Once I confirmed that the fire Starlight circuit was in my favor, I handed it over to the perf board.Note that I closely spaced the components together so that it can install the main body of my Sante Fe HO Scale locomotive.Alarm, there is a space problem with my HO Scale locomotive body!To make room for constant strength and fire Starlight perf plates, I had to remove some of the steel plates used in the locomotive for weight.Before removing the steel plate, I carefully weighed the locomotive with a letter scale, including the upper body case.This is a picture of the constant intensity lighting perf board and Mars lighting perf board installed on the locomotive.The top light at the front of the locomotive is the Mars Light, which flashes about once a second, and the bottom Light maintains a constant intensity.Once the oil Gate orbit on the power supply group is energized to a few volts, the constant intensity and the Mars lighting circuit begin to work.Note: Unlike incandescent lamps, the led is lit only when the appropriate polarity voltage is applied.Therefore, the constant strength and Mars light will only shine when the locomotive is moving forward.The sharpie mark in the picture keeps the drive wheel on the locomotive above the track while keeping the wheel used to pick up power on the track, which allows me to test the locomotive when in place.Now, I need to add weight to the locomotive to compensate for the steel plate I removed so that my constant strength and Mars light can fit in.Below is a picture of the weight of lead in the appropriate position.I used stick-The weight of Amazon.These weights are usually used for balancing tires in the automotive industry.Note: These weights are made of lead and you should wash your hands after treatment and do not let the child handle them.If the kids are going to play with the locomotive then I suggest using some other ways to increase the weight.The weight of the attempt is about to be on the wheel.This is the front of the locomotive;To accommodate 5mm high-strength led, I had to zoom in the front light mounting holes a little.When I was young, I grew up with Taike model railway products.These products remind me of a happier time.Summary: So, with some electronic knowledge and little hard work, you can see the real lighting on the HO Scale locomotive.
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