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by:Leimove     2020-01-20
Once motion is sensed, the motion sensor light control switch turns on the light in an area.You can cover the motion control on the light switch by physically turning off and turning on the lever.Once the switch senses motion, the light will maintain a specific length of time depending on the motion switch setting.Install motion switches in areas such as corridors, living rooms and bedrooms.When you have children getting up at night and going to the bathroom, the motion sensor light switch is also convenient in the bathroom.
Turn off the power supply of the switch box that intends to install the motion sensor switch.
Twist the Orange wire connector to the black wire inside the switch box and connect it with the black wire on the motion switch.Twist another orange connector onto the remaining black internal wires inside the switch box and attach it to the remaining black wires on the motion switch.
Twist the Orange wire connector to the two White House wires inside the switch box and connect them together.Twist the red line connector to the two bare copper wires inside the switch box and connect them from the motion switch to the Green Line.
Connect the motion switch to the switch box at the top and bottom of the switch with the mounting screw with the switch and screwdriver.
Slide the slotted screwdriver under the motion sensor on the light switch below the control panel.Pry the control panel cover off the light switch to expose the motion sensor switch control.Use a small screwdriver to set the timer to the length of time it takes for the switch to sense to motion and want the light to remain on.
Set the light level control to a light level sensitivity from dim to bright.This gives you the option to turn on the motion sensor light at any time of day or night or at night.Card the control panel cover back to the motion sensor light switch.
Cover the motion switch and electric box with single rocker switch wall panel.Open the circuit breaker inside the main panel to power the motion switch.
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