switches Horn Peak Trail Professional Guide

by:Leimove     2020-03-18
From our guide "a steep route to a peak, you can see the magnificent views of the North and South Mountains from here.This route is located above timberline, along the eastern ridge of Horn Peak, exposing hikers to wind and weather;be prepared.From the top of the mountain, avoid the temptation to drop directly south to dry lakes.The slopes of Scree are steep and loose.From the Horn Creek Trail, hike along the branch to the right side of Highway 4 (west)wheel-Drive to Rainbow Trail (1336.Turn right (north) to the rainbow path and go through the head of the Dry Creek Trail to continue 0.Reach the Horn Trail 5 miles on a flat terrain;Turn left (west ).The lower part of the trail runs flat as it passes through the hennikun River.The trail returns to the right (north) at 150 feet metres from the small creek and begins crossing the eastern ridge climbing the Horn Peak.
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