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by:Leimove     2020-01-20
You wire three-The Luthron dimmer switches the same way as the other three dimmersDimmer switch.They are combined with a standard three.Way toggle switch, which allows to turn on and off from two positions with three-Dimmer switch that controls the lighting level.They are combined with the three standards.Mode switch and one or more four-The road switch, which allows the light to be turned on and off from three or more positions, while one three-The dimmer switch controls the way the lighting level is.
Turn off the circuit breaker that protects the lighting branch circuit you will be working on.If your home is an old house that still has old EdisonThe base fuse box, instead of the modern circuit breaker panel, unscrews the fuse of the circuit you will be working on.For safety, please remove the fuse completely and do not release only a few laps.
Remove the switch cover.2 #6-release32 "capture" screws secure the switch in the device box and pull it out of the device box.
Open non-Contact the voltage tester and close it to the wire in the box.Other circuits through the box may still be full of energy and you need to be aware of this for your safety.You will not use these wires, so there is no need to find the circuit breaker that controls them.
Remove the old three wires-Switch switch.The black wire attached to the dark screw at the bottom of the switch is the one that supplies power to the switch.The red and black wires attached to the brass color screws at the top of the switch are called "Voyager" and bring the switching power supply to the second three-Switch in any four waysThe road switch between them.If there is a secure ground wire, the bare copper wire attached to the green screw.
Cut the stripped ring End from the wire and peel the insulation back into inches.Dimmer switch with pre-Accessories, color-The coded pigtail leads will be spliced onto the circuit leads, not screw terminals like the normal toggle switch.You need straight wire to make the right joint.
Connect the black wire powered for the switch to the black tail fiber on the dimmer switch.To make this joint, keep the twisted pigtail line evenly with the solid copper wire and screw it on the wire nut.Splice the red and black traveler to two red tail fiber leads on the dimmer switch.It doesn't matter which traveler is connected to which braid.
Remove the joints to ensure they are safe.Fix the wire nut on the wire with tape.This step is not required by the code, but this is an additional step taken by a professional electrician for safety.
Install the dimmer switch in the device box.Install the new cover plate that comes with the dimmer switch.Open the circuit breaker or replace the fuse you removed.
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