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by:Leimove     2020-01-21
The dimmer switch facilitates you to adjust the light output of the lamp.The dimmer allows you to use the same fixture in different applications.Set the dimmer to the highest level of general task lighting and turn the dimmer down to a lower setting when minimum lighting is required.Wiring a three-The dimmer switch uses four wires, and you can easily dim light from the independent switch at both ends of the room.
Turn the power off to three-By switching the dimmer breaker to the "off" position within the main electrical service panel, the dimmer switch.
Test the circuit to confirm that the power supply at the electrical switch box is disconnected.Touch one with two handsConnect the electrical tester to the black line inside the switch box and the other to any metal on the box.No wattage should be registered by the tester.
By screwing the Orange wire connector to both wires, connect a black wire from the dimmer to the black wire inside the switch box.Twist another Orange wire connector to the remaining black wire on the dimmer and connect it to the white wire wrapped in black tape.Use the Red Line to repeat the connection from the dimmer to the red line inside the switch box, and complete the wiring in the dimmer's connection switch box by screwing the Orange wire connector to the green wire from the dimmer to the bare copper
Push wiring and three-Put the dimmer into the switch box and attach it to the top and bottom of the box with the screw with the dimmer.Install the dimmer cover plate and transfer the breaker to the "on" position inside the main electrical service panel.
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