switches How to Fix an Abu Garcia Reel

by:Leimove     2020-03-18
Abu Garcia is a company that produces fishing wheels, fishing rods, fishing tackle and fishing gear.Abu Garcia has produced rotating, baitcasting, salt water and flying reels rolls.Like any mechanical gear, the reel breaks over time and needs repair or basic maintenance.Many of these repairs are feasible in your home hobby store or in the wild.Getting to know some basics will keep your reels working and help you find more fish.Description difficulty: by determining where the problem or damaged part is, the reel is properly and easily eliminated.The common fault position on the Abu Garcia reel is the bearing box, handle or drag switch.When you rotate the handle, throw the spool out, roll it up and feel the spool is rough or dry.Spray the handle in the position where the handle rotates on the handle's online shaft with a spray lubricant, and the position where the finger holds rotates from the main handle arm.Let the lubricant soak in the mechanism.Throw the reel online and feel again for any dry or rough feeling.Do not apply the second part lubricant if it does not exist.If there is still a dry or rough feeling while reeling the wire, apply a second lubricant spray on the moving mechanism and let the soak in.Remove the housing cover and visually check the cartridge bearing next to the slide valve.The cartridge bearing is a circular cylinder with five to ten stainless steel bearings inside and grease inside.Look for deposits or particles in the grease, or if the grease has worn out and is no longer in the cartridge.If the cartridge is corroded or the grease is dry, replace the cartridge.Replacement cartridges are available through the Abu Garcia website.Lubricate the resistance washer if the resistance slides instead of holding or feeling rough.Apply spray-Lubricant on the gasket attached to the arm by the traction mechanism, located on the outer edge of the casting reel.The drag washer is a small, rounded metal cylinder found between the drag switch and the wire shaft with a woven line.Let the lubricant soak in the gasket and test by casting and rolling in, and turn the resistance adjustment in both directions while doing so.If the thumb switch is locked in position and does not pop up when casting, spray the lubricant on the thumb switch.Let the lubricant soak in the thumb button mechanism and push it down with the thumb to see if it will release.If it is not released, apply another layer of lubricant and push again.If there is no release for the second time, remove the housing from the reel and grease the thumb button housing.Reconnect the shell and press the thumb button for testing.Eric Cedric, once an Alaska native, has lived in California for 20 years.He published it on "outside" and "backpacker" and wrote a book about small-Alaska town, north-southeast.Cedric has been a professional mountaineering guide and field expedition leader for 18 years.He has worked in Russia, Iceland, Greece, Turkey and Belize.Cedric is a private pilot at Syracuse University.
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