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by:Leimove     2020-01-21
How to wire three-Dimmer switch.Three-The channel switch can usually be found at both ends of the corridor, close to the door of a very large room with multiple entrances, or at the top and bottom of a set of stairs.They allow you to turn the lights on or off from any position.But if you have a long corridor and you want to add a little more atmosphere to it, or you just want to reduce the glare of incandescent lamps, you can meet your needs by replacing one of the traditional three.Three-way switch-Dimmer switch.Here is how.
The first thing you have to realize is that you can only replace the three existing onesThree-way switch-Dimmer switch.The circuit will not work if you try to replace them at the same time.So choose to replace three-You may use the most switches to control the lighting.
Find the circuit breaker that powers the lighting circuit and turn it off.Flip every threeMake sure the circuit is switched off in a way.
Remove the cover plate from the switch and remove the two screws that hold the switch to the wall box.
Gently pull the switch out of the box by pulling the tabs on the top and bottom.Do not touch the side of the switch.Out of the box, use the voltage tester to make sure the circuit is really off.
Take a moment to see how the switch is wired.One side of the switch should have a red line attached to the switch, and the other side should have two black lines and ground or black lines, a white wire with a black tape and ground wire on it.
Remove the red line and bend it.Remove the two black wires (or the black and tape white ones) and bend them.Bend the top wire and bottom wire of the box up to the bottom of the box so you know where they are connected on the dimmer switch.Finally, remove the ground wire and throw away the old three-way switch.
Check all the wires to make sure they are all in good condition.If there is anything that looks corroded or weak, just cut off the existing exposed wires and remove about 3/4 of the insulation using a stripping machine so you have new wires to use.
Connect the ground wire to three-First dimmer switch.Then, connect the red line to the side of the switch with a separate screw.Now connect the other two wires to the other side and remember which one is at the top and which one is connected to the bottom.
Wrap a tight layer of tape around threeDimmer switch for protection terminals.Gently put the wire back into the box and fix the dimmer with the two screws attached.Finally, replace the cover plate with a cover plate suitable for dimmer molding.
Re-open the circuit breaker and try the new three-Dimmer switch!
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