switches What Is the Standard Height for Electrical Wall Switches?

by:Leimove     2019-05-28
switches What Is the Standard Height for Electrical Wall Switches?
National electrical regulations stipulate that each room in a house should have at least one switch to operate the lights in the room, but it does not say how high the switch should be.Many builders place switch boxes, so the bottom of the box is 48 inch higher than the floor.However, in order to meet the accessibility requirements of the Fair Housing Act, the switch itself is no more than 48 inch away from the floor.To get close from the wheelchair, the switch on the cabinet should be lower.Measure 48 inch from the floor with a tape measure and use a pencil to make a mark on the wall or on the Bolt in the center of the box.If the floor is not finished, increase the thickness of the floor cover.If you plan to install 3/4, for exampleInch hardwood floors, add measurements of 3/4 inch.Measure 2 inch under this mark and make another mark for the bottom of standard 4Inch electric box.Place the bottom of the box on that mark and fix it on the Bolt.If you are installing a remodeling box in the finished drywall, sketch the outline of the box on the wall with a pencil, align the bottom with a second mark, and then cut out the outline with a drywall saw.If the switch is above the Cabinet, change the first measurement to 46 inch to increase the thickness of the floor covering as needed.This makes it 10 inch higher than the surface of 36-Inch cabinets, the countertop tailgate is clear enough to enter from a wheelchair.Tape measurement drywall sawIf you prefer to install switches that are below standard 48 inch with no restrictions, as long as these switches are not too low for people in wheelchairs.According to the Fair Housing Act, the minimum allowable height is 15 inch from the floor.When installing switches in the workshop, some carpenters place them 52 inch from the floor so that they can stick plywood to the wall without covering the switch.
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