the led how does an led flashlight affect vision lumens?

by:Leimove     2020-02-07
Any type of glare will affect your vision, so you can be very careful when using powerful devices such as LED flashlights.Anyone with an LED flashlight must understand how this device is relevant and how it affects the human eye.So in this article you will get a brief introduction to the biology of LED flashlight.Again, it will enable you to understand how to use these devices in a safe way.First of all, you should know that the human eye is made up of cones and rods.The stick is responsible for the vision of the visual edge.They help us to see, under unclear conditions, and are also responsible for the black and images of the night world.At the same time, cone cells provide us with vision in colorful conditions during the day and respond to the human visual field.Cones are the main person in charge of detecting colors and all other visual details.In addition, regardless of the light conditions in the environment, the cones and rods work together to provide vision for humans.That's why, if you abuse powerful light like an LED flashlight, you can completely destroy your night vision capabilities.In addition, different light conditions can cause a sharp deformation of the rhodopsin molecules contained in the rod.Strong light can cause a rapid change in shape of the rhodopsin molecule, which takes a long time to restore the original shape.That's why a few flashlights in a row are a real danger to our night vision for at least 30 minutes.In addition, the flashlight with the red light option will do less damage to the eye, as this light cannot be detected by the stick.Nevertheless, cones can still detect it, so they can provide us with night vision.Most of you may know that the pupil is the pupil that controls the amount of light that goes into the eye.However, many people do not know the logarithmic pattern of the light detectors in our eyes.To differentiate any change in brightness, they need to double the amount of light.In addition to this, the human eye is damaged by strong light, and you can understand why a powerful flashlight can completely destroy our vision.For all of these reasons, when we use an LED flashlight with extremely strong light, we have to make sure we change it gradually and use red lights as much as possible.In addition, you should choose the ofLED flashlight type that best meets your needs.For example, choose a narrower beam if you need to look further.Also, if you would like to see these items in the vicinity, please select astigmatism.
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