the led the manufacturing process types in the led bulb light industry

by:Leimove     2020-02-07
In most industries, there are some common ways to manage manufacturing processes.These general methods are called process types.In the LED lighting industry, the process type is set to manage the operation of the volumeVarious manufacturing activities.For an, several process types are classified to show manufacturing operation management methods with different volume and diversity features.These process types are based on the increase of quantity and the decrease of varieties, namely, the project process, the operation process, the batch process, the quality process and the continuous process.These process types have been widely used in the LED lamp industry.For example, the manufacturing activity of the product is likely to be managed by the quality process.The project process is a management activity that responds to highly customized projects, such as some customized projectsmade products.For such a custom project, it will take a long time to complete the production of spare parts and separate service parts, let alone the whole project.Therefore, in the process of the project of the LED lamp manufacturer, it is characterized by small volume and many varieties.The activities involved in the project may be interrupted or changed due to the uncertainty and objectives of the customer or manufacturing process change.Examples of the project process include the stadium and the tunnel project.The focus of the project process is that each activity has its own start time and end time.There may be a long time interval between jobs because resources need to be assigned and organized for the following jobs.The Jobbing process is also designed to deal with very high diversity and low capacity.In the course of the project, each product has its own allocated resources, which may in some cases be more or less specifically allocated to it.However, during the course of the job, each part or product needs to apply the job resource with other parts or products.The production line in the processing process is producing a series of products.These products may require the same resources and the same type of operation, but they may be used at different levels.The LED lighting system in the warehouse can be an example of the working process.In order to achieve the purpose of lighting, such a project requires different types of LED bulb products.These products require the installation of LED chips, LED drivers, and LED enclosures.On the assembly line, however, their demand for the same resources will vary.Typically, the batch process and the job bing process can be similar, but the batch process is less diverse than the job bing process.As the term "batch" states, the output of each process will make more than a part of the product.On the production line, each operation has its own repeatable part.A single operation is being repeated during mass production.If the batch size is small and there are only two or three pieces, the batch process will be similar to the jobbing process.This is usually in the case of new products.However, if the batch size is large and the product is often manufactured on the production line, the batch process may be repeated.As a result, the batch process can support a wider range of volumes and types compared to other processes.Take the manufacturer of LED bulbs as an example.The manufacture of the T12 LED Downlight can be processed in batches and the size will be very large.From the point of view of the design or mechanism of the product, the large-scale process is designed to deal with large quantities but low diversity of products.The LED downlight product is an example.There are many types of tubes to choose from, such as and T8 LED tube lights.However, since the different features or variations of the tubes do not affect the nature of the manufacturing activity, the production line is still a mass machining.They use the same process and only a few different spare parts are installed on the line.The processes in the LED light production line are most likely to be repetitive and predictable.For example, the tube is first assembled with a chip, then with a drive, and finally with a shell.Of course, different tubes may use different types of LED chips, LED drivers, and enclosures.The continuous process is the next stop of the quality process, which works at higher volumes and lower varieties.These processes can be interpreted as longer production activities.In some cases, the production line works endlessly in order to produce a large number of products.These products seem to be inseparable and require a steady stream of products.In some extreme cases, since the operation requires uninterrupted supply of goods, a continuous process is required to work continuously.These processes are usually designed to deal with relatively inflexible capital.Intensive technology with highly predictable processes.So far, as LED tube or LED bulb products are still not very popular in our daily life, these processes are not suitable for the industry.Continuous process is more suitable for steelmaking and power industry.
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