types of led light bulbs How to Install RV Awning Lights

by:Leimove     2020-03-17
Your RV awning keeps you out of the sun during the day, but what will they do for you at night?If you add some lights to them, they can provide lights for you and your family when the day is dark, so you can enjoy food, games and other activities without having to enter the RV.RV awning lights are cheap and not difficult to install.Description difficulty: easily measure your awning and plan your distance between each lamp.This spacing will determine the number of lights you need to buy, which in turn will affect the brightness of things.If you are not going to have a lot of lights, you may want to buy a more powerful bulb.Decide what type of light you want.Consult the sales staff of the RV store to discuss the strength and size of the bulb.You don't want to be overwhelmed by the light on a good night, but you also don't want to be attracted by too little light.Measure and mark the spots on the awning rod where you will place the light with masking tape.Pay attention to marking spots at a uniform distance so you can have a uniform look at your lighting settings.Connect the plastic clip to the masking tape point you marked.One end of the clip is designed to be attached to the canopy Rod and the other end is designed to keep the light in place.Connect the plastic clip to the canopy Rod using a screwdriver and screw.Make sure the clips are secured so they don't fall on you and your family or friends.After the clip is in place, connect the light to the empty end of the plastic clip.Connect the light chord to the camper's power supply and plug in.If a chord cannot reach the power supply, consider buying an extension chord.Covering the wires with waterproof materials is not a bad idea for extra safety.You may want to use additional clips to make the light strings more educated than hanging from the awning.Tips and warning articles written by Kelsey Childress Kelsey run a freelance creative business called Awen creative specializing in SEO Web content, social media marketing and blogsShe has been writing online and onlineHe has been published for more than six years and has a bachelor's degree in English literature and creative writing from University of Kansas.
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