what are led lights Review the EcoSmart 6" LED Recessed Downlight by Cree

by:Leimove     2020-03-06

During a complete kitchen remodel, I met 6 \ "EcoSmart LED downlights in our local home improvement center.I realize now is a good time to replace our current 65 w incandescent downlight with something more efficient, maybe even LED embedded lighting, so I bought a set of 4 to try.I was very happy with the results, so I decided to have a full review of the EcoSmart LED lights.My original intention was to replace the existing (ugly) black reflective cone decoration with white and use an energy saving bulb.Since the kitchen always seems to require more light, I would like the white reflective cone decoration to reflect more light and give us what we want.Fortunately, I found the downlight of EcoSmart.The grade explanation of tile, flow and color temperature will be of great help.It did help me!After all, there are usually a lot of questions about incandescent to LED conversion.For conventional incandescent lamps, we consider Watt to be the measurement of light output.The greater the rated power of the bulb, the brighter the lamp.To be honest, this is the way it really works.Watt is actually the unit of electricity used to power the bulb, making it as bright as it is now.This is the input of the energy used.To provide more help, imagine it as the cost you paid for running a red light.On the other hand, the current lumen is actually a measurement of how much light a bulb produces.It is the "output" of light ".So take our incandescent lamp as an example, a light bulb with a 65 w can output 550-600 lumens.If we average it down, about 9 lumens per watt.The light color is measured in Kelvin degree and is usually displayed in Kelvin degree.People usually refer to light as "cold light" or white, such as fluorescent lamps and "warm light" or more yellow, such as incandescent lamps.This has nothing to do with how bright they are.The range of warm light is about 2500 K to 3200 K, and the range of cold light is 4000 K to 4700 K.Now that we 've learned how all of these measurements of Watts, lumens, and colors are used, let's take a look at the specifications of this particular EcoSmart light.Its rating is 10.5 W, 575 lumens, 2700 K.With our typical example of a 65 w bulb, this means that we only use 10 bulbs.5 w, produce the same amount of light as the 65 w bulb!Compared to incandescent lamps, EcoSmart light now has 55 lumens per watt.The 2700 K is considered a soft white light, in the same warm range as the incandescent lamp.The original four 65-watt downlights I replaced in the kitchen used a total of 260 watts of energy.With EcoSmart lights, we now use only 42 watts of electricity in total to produce the same amount of light.What a savings!note;EcoSmart recently re-Label their packaging with 9.5 w instead of 10 w.5w.EcoSmart light will last for 35,000 hours, according to Cree.This life is 32 years based on the average 3 hours of use per day.The lamp is dimmable and does not contain mercury and uses 85% less energy than standard incandescent lamps.We are very satisfied with these new lights.They are completely contained in one unit and they will have a very attractive look once installed.We replaced four lights in total, and the amount of light they sent out was better than the replacement.I don't know if it's because they reflect the white cone decoration now or if it's just the quality of the light, but we have enough light in the kitchen now.I even installed a dimmer switch to use with them and they were very nice to use.LED lights usually require a separate transformer to run the dimmer, but EcoSmart light has a built-in transformerAlone in each light.The installation of these lamps is very convenient.The only tool you need is a ladder.Seriously!Power off the breaker box first to avoid any accidental electric shock.Take off the old bulbThen, the handle extends into the jar, releasing the two small springs that hold the reflector cone in place.When you do this, get some dust ready.Next, unscrew the wing nut on the inside of the can, which supports the top plate of the socket connection.Now, by squeezing the two clips on the side of the socket together, remove the plate from the socket.What you should have now is just an empty jar with a socket.Next, remove the EcoSmart light from the box and screw it into the socket.After that, expand the 3 long labels of EcoSmart light.In some installations, it may take some tricks if your socket can't hang far.Once the label unfolds, push the light into the jar firmly and quickly.You can almost feel where it is.You're done!After the learning curve of the first light, you should be able to replace the next light in two to three minutes.It's easy.Don't forget to turn the power back on the circuit breaker.After being impressed with the results of our kitchen, we ended up replacing all the downlights in the remaining rooms of our home, with a total of 11 lights.Wow, this is a 600 watt price cut!If you 've been thinking about replacing downlights in the kitchen or elsewhere in the home, I highly recommend the EcoSmart Series lights.They also offer alternatives to incandescent lamps.It saves power, is light in quality and is easy to install and is an easy choice to make.
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