where to buy small led bulbs How to Add Lights to Bookshelves

by:Leimove     2020-03-26
where to buy small led bulbs How to Add Lights to Bookshelves
If you enter a room and find a book on the shelf, it seems wasteful to turn on the lights for the whole room.Not only does this consume more energy than the lighting needed, but it may not focus the brightness on the title of the book.A more cost-An effective alternative is to install a shelf fixture that focuses the light where you need it.Regular lighting can damage Books.Heating will dry the pages and leather binding, making the pages brittle.If you use a lamp that generates heat, especially in a closed place, such as a shelf with a door, you can ignite the paper and cause a fire.Infrared can also produce heat.Ultraviolet rays destroy the cell structure of organic materials such as paper and leather.The lights you add to the shelf must not have these harmful features, but bright enough so you can read the title.Light-LEDs use the least amount of energy in all shelf lighting options.The diameter is about 1/4 and there is very little light.But they are usually grouped together to produce stronger output.They can focus the light in one direction.If you line up with a metal strip or a plastic strip for purchase, you can attach the strip to the side or front of the shelf with the light bulb facing the title of the book.Another option is to buy them on a disk called "Ice Hockey."You put these puck on the bottom of the shelf so they can shine on the shelf below.Rope lighting evenly place small bulbs in transparent plastic pipes.Because the tube is flexible, you can wrap it around the front, side and rear of the bottom of the shelf to illuminate the shelf below.Tubes can have different colors if you want to try different effects.Although the bulbs last from 10,000 to 25,000 hours, they cannot be replaced if they burn out.Your only option is to buy a new light rope.For decoration, frame the entire front of the bookcase with a rope light.You can also go around the bottom of the shelf to get a floating effect, or around the top to get a halo.If your light source is powered from an AC outlet, positioning the wire for the plug can be a problem.You can hang it on the front and side of the shelf, which does not damage the furniture but is not beautiful.Or you can drill holes in the back of the shelf, through which you can run the wires.Neat appearance but damaged furniture.You can avoid this problem by purchasing a one-time or rechargeable battery powered light.Since the whole electrical unit is on the shelf, you don't have to worry about seeing the wires.Another option is to purchase a bookshelf that has built-in lighting.Note, however, that lights are installed on all shelves.Only the highest rack is bright if it is only installed on the top.The rest of the furniture is in the dark.
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