where to buy small led bulbs My Review Of The Utilitech 7.5 Watt LED Bulb From Lowe's Home Improvement

by:Leimove     2020-03-06

Led is growing!This is my review of Utilitech 7.Can be home improvement in labor.Amazon also offers products produced by Feit Electric, but the two brands have the same specifications.According to the manufacturer, it is similar in shape to a standard incandescent lamp, equivalent to a 40-watt bulb in terms of light volume.However, many reviewers, including me, compared this to 60-watt incandescent lamps (or 13 or 15-watt CFL) because they look as bright as each point.This is a good indicator, and the led has finally matured to be a viable option for most consumers.It is puzzling that when most people agree that it is as bright as a 60 W incandescent lamp or equivalent bulb, the manufacturer compares it to a 40 W bulb.In essence, however, the led is directional and does not spread light like an incandescent lamp or a CFL.I have to assume that the manufacturer decides to act safely and not hype up such a good product.All in all, the bulb does spread light better than the much more expensive early LED bulbs.However, the light distribution of this bulb is very good.At the time of writing this article (January 2012), Lowe \'s currently has 129 comments on these 7 articles.5 w led with an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars.This is quite good for this novel product on the market.Of course, there are some negative comments that claim to fail early in a year, but if you buy locally, save the receipt and packaging just like you do with any product.As I said earlier, most reviewers compare it to a 60 W bulb from the light output point of view.I decided to compare 7.5 w led bulb to 13 W soft white CFL made by Sylvania.3000 K output, which basically means soft white for those of us who are not lighting experts.The Utilitech LED is slightly shorter than the energy-saving lamp of tens of millions of years.The sides of the bulb are also made up of radiators, which are used to dissipate excess heat generated by LEDs and related electronic devices.It's a bit heavier than the CFL too, but it's not a big deal.In the image on the right, I use the same digital camera, the flash is turned off every time I shoot, every light bulb is in the same light every time I shoot, shoot as much as I can, from the same positionI took these photos to show the similarities and differences between the light emitted by LED and CFL.Note that on the camera, the color of the light emitted by the two bulbs looks more like a cool white color (which means it has a bluer hue) than the soft white color stated.I assure you that they are more yellow than the picture shows.As you can see, the CFL in the bottom picture glows in a very uniform way around the bulb.The LED in the picture above distributes more light to the ceiling in the area above the bulb.Compared to the LED, the light emitted by the CFL is more uniform under the bulb.However, this LED does a better job than the LED in the past, and the LED in the past projects all the light directly from the end of the bulb into a sharp beam.The difference is obvious to me, but not an important issue.I still feel that it is the perfect choice for soft and warm light for my room.This may be a problem for some apps, but you just don't know until you try.Over time, the led is maturing rapidly, the quality is improving and the cost is decreasing.The army of Utilitech.5 w led is it good to buy?All in all, individual consumers must determine whether to use LED bulbs like Utilitech 7.The 5 W soft white LED deserves a higher initial cost as it has benefits such as lower energy consumption, Mercury deficiency and a very long life span.The best way to determine if it fits your needs is to simply buy one and try it out and return it if you are not satisfied.Lowe often sells this bulb for $11.Instead of the typical $19.99 they charge.Look, you may not be disappointed.Myself, I have to say that this LED is a great alternative to my CFLs and incandescent lamps.Looking for reviews for other LED bulbs?
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