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An Introduction to LED Lighting Manufacturers in China

An Introduction to LED Lighting Manufacturers in China


As technology is growing at a quick pace and bringing rapid changes in our lives, many businesses are emerging and creating an impression on the industry. Among the most promising businesses of today's creation is that the LED market. 

LED business came into prominence as a result of use of LEDs. Previously the LEDs were pricey only because of the limited application. But now many giant traders are actively investing in this business. The rising number of investors is playing a very important part in cutting the cost of producing the LEDs.

Now we will concentrate more on lighting manufacturers in China, the world's biggest manufacturing hub for LED lighting.


Present Scenario of LED Lighting Manufacturers in China

You may already conscious that the LED business is almost synonymous to China. The nation is the greatest LED producer on the planet. In the previous 20+ years, China LED lighting has seen an exponential increase and lighting manufacturers in China have been dominating the international marketplace. The most important reason behind this is that the wonderful support from the authorities. The Chinese government has been providing fiscal subsidies, land and tax advantages, etc. to entice the LED lighting manufacturers in China.

With the growth in demand for low wattage LEDs, China is shooting the place of South Korea that had been previously the pioneers in fabricating the low-priced LEDs. Chinese producers are rapidly increasing their production capacity so as to satisfy the high need. Presently, China LED lighting has seized nearly 30 percent of the international industry.

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LED Applications Made by Lighting Manufacturers in China

As the development of LEDs and increasing demand for lighting, lighting manufacturers in China apply LED technologies into all kinds of lighting. China LED lighting enjoys a fast and great growth trend. Various kinds of LED lights have emerged within a time period that has enhanced the standard of livelihood. You will find landscape lighting, home decor lighting, and lighting utilized for a variety of purposes such as writing lighting, cocktail lights, floor lamps, etc. Consumers now have become choosier in terms of lighting selection. When choosing the lights, the eco-friendly factor also plays an important role and that's also one reason behind the prevalence of LED lights.

1.Landscape Lighting

The landscape lighting mainly refers to decorative lights that are used in public region such as roads, parks, etc. With the increasing aesthetics demand for these decorative lighting, lighting manufacturers in China have applied LED technology and bulbs to it.

And the energy-efficient and stylish LED lights have increased in demand because of their aesthetic appeal and also the expanding demand has led to the evolution of China LED lighting.


2.Home Decor Lighting

Many new consumers are dissatisfied with the basic lighting of their homes. In that case, LEDs help. LED home decor lights make the house look more beautiful and create an atmosphere. These types of lamps are both stylish and sophisticated. They have multiple designs to meet different needs. The high demand for such lighting equipment has also forced lighting manufacturers in China to consider using LEDs to make the furniture look more artistic.

3.Cove Design Lighting 

The development in LED technology also brings innovative designs available on the market of China LED lighting. A cove shaped light design has grown remarkably common recently. It can be used to add attraction to the ceiling of houses. A little cove layout LED can also be utilized in digital items such as Air conditioner, Bluetooth speaker along with even a notebook.

Centers of LED Lighting Manufacturers in China

You know that China is the biggest exporter of LED lights on earth, which owes to the fast development of lighting manufacturers in China. It had been observed that ceiling LED lights would be the greatest exports followed by LED panel lighting and LED tubes. The biggest importers of China LED lighting are Germany and the USA followed by the UK, Sri Lanka, India, and Singapore. 

There are five major LED manufacturing bases in China. They're Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Fujian and Shanghai. The majority of those LED lighting producers focused around these 5 locations. Additionally, these five manufacturing bases contribute to greater than 75 percent of their whole LED manufacturing in China. Each area of lighting manufacturers in China focuses on a different sort of LEDs, the specifics about which you'll read below.

Guangdong manufactures a major portion of China LED lighting. LED lighting manufacturers here produce both interior and outdoor lighting fixtures. Foshan is one place in Guangdong which makes top quality LED products. Zhongshan and Dongguan would be the primary gathering places for manufacturers of decorative lamps. The Hong-Kong and Taiwan companies are based at Dongguan who supplies mainly to the international markets. Zhongshan is Guangdong's largest wholesale market for decorative lighting. Some well-known LED lighting companies are already located here. Among them, Leimove is one of the most professional and experienced lighting manufacturers in China, whose focus is to create the most stylish, durable, and cost-effective outdoor lighting.

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Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Shanghai also make great contribution to the development of China LED lighting. They are renowned for their outdoor lighting fittings. The street lights are mainly fabricated in Zhejiang and Jiangsu. The Ningbo region is famous for the production of outdoor decorative lighting fittings on a huge scale. Shangyu, Lin'an and Jinyun are popularly understood for their car lights. And customers who lookout for floodlights would like to visit Shanghai and Changzhou.

In Fujian, Xiamen could be the only real pioneer in LED manufacturing. The firms linked to semiconductor chip production can be found in this area. They cope with all of the aspects involving the R&D, production, and application of semiconductor processor. Many lighting manufacturers in China rely on their supplying of high-quality LED chips.

The Best Way to Import China LED lighting

You are able to import China LED lighting in a variety of ways. It might be via a manufacturer or trading provider or wholesaler. Here, we sincerely advise you to buy from Chinese LED lights manufacturers.

Buying products directly from the place of manufacture is always the best choice. No middleman is required to collect commissions and increase product costs. The main benefit you will get is that since you are in direct contact with the manufacturer, you will have a clear understanding of the price structure, item restrictions, and delivery time of the items. So when you want to buy China LED lighting, you’d better to choose from reliable lighting manufacturers in China.

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