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External factors

Influenced by online e-commerce’s effective display. While online virtual store products use art photos, they usually have a professionally visual effects; yet the real on-site store lighting professionalism is worse than the former and has rather bad visual effects. Thus the overall light environment makes the offline business tougher.

Internal factors

With the increasingly fierce competition in business environment, the field of Store Lighting has become more and more subdivided. The clothing store lighting is distinguishes as follows: men's clothing lighting, women's clothing lighting, business outfit lighting, and wedding gown lighting; furniture lighting is distinguishes as: European furniture lighting, mahogany furniture lighting, etc.; restaurant lighting such as: Chinese restaurant lighting, Western restaurant lighting, nightclub KTV lighting and so on. The difference of atmosphere and experience created by different lighting environment is particularly large. The customer volume of different lighting design business sites in the same location is varied and the business performance is ranged. Therefore, the importance of professional design & lighting is more and more emphasized in shop decoration.


Mainly targeted at the above mentioned entity store lighting problems


A group of lighting application engineering teams were established

With high attention from Leimove's top management team, a group of lighting application engineering teams were established. After consulting with Dr. Yu from the Institute of Optoelectronics of Zhejiang University, and under their guidance, the company established a professional photoelectric laboratory which is 1200 square meters for professional lighting supervision/test/production. Thus to make the opto-optical parameters lighting products to better serve the market.


Cooperated closely with the first-line brand CREE SHARP OSRAM PHILIPS TICIZEN

Since 2012, the company has cooperated closely with the first-line brand CREE SHARP OSRAM PHILIPS TICIZEN optical chip company, and established a strategic partnership with LUMINUS chip company in the United States in 2015-2018 to promote the application of store lighting in China; in 2018, it has become an international OEM store lighting brand.


Cooperate with the brand customers to do the lighting training for the store manager and the factory lighting adjuster

The procedures for lighting selection and construction problems solving to existing stores is led by nationally certified professional lighting designer with the German professional lighting design software DAILux modeling to layout shop lighting, check scene lighting, output professional lighting design as guidlines of Party A and the designer, and output reasonable construction hole drawings to guide the on-site construction drawing; VIP customers and key customers adjust the layout of display lighting in the physical stores, and cooperate with the brand customers to do the lighting training for the store manager and the factory lighting adjuster.


To guide the company to produce project lightings according to the selection data

We adopt DAILux data to guide the company to produce project lightings according to the selection data; use the lightings produced by the company to test the IES verification simulation data in the laboratory; supervise the consistency of the production lightings; verify the lighting of the shops before the opening of the stores, and verify the lighting site ; and summarize the evaluation of Party A's design on the site for better continuous replication and rapid promotion of the next project.


Strictly in accordance with the national indoor building standard

We are strictly in accordance with the national indoor building standard GB50034-2013: distinguish between Western restaurant and Chinese restaurant lighting’s standard classification of illuminance modeling, and distinguish between men's and women's color temperature according to the biological characteristics to implement color temperature difference design for lighting. For special products, Leimove lighting can differentiate the fruit fresh district and the meat district to highlight the freshness of products by the color temperature; special lighting in different districts such as the second-item area, baking food district and so on are selected to bake the golden characteristics of the 2500K special chromatographic storage trays. We adopt LED special light color technology to make food more fresh and natural.

Fresh Fruits & Vegetables District

Fruits and vegetables are varied in color, which need light environment with high color rendering and low color temperature.

Meat District

They need LED light source of low color temperature with more spectral components to increase the color effect of meat and reduce infrared heat radiation, which is conducive to the realization of longer storage and preservation

Finally, Leimove lighting realizes lighting application in stores

Helping customers demonstrate brand value, using fancy lighting environment to guide consumers' shopping, and achieving no sales clerk for guiding consumption, highlighting the brightest side of the product with distinctive lighting characteristics to serve as the catalyst for buyers' decision-making. Owners save operating costs, eliminate unnecessary waste, and increase passenger flow to achieve higher operating income.


We divide the light environment of commercial stores into four levels.


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