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Are LED Desk Lamps Really Good? Let The Dimmable LED Desk Lamp Tell It! M

Are LED Desk Lamps Really Good? Let The Dimmable LED Desk Lamp Tell It! M


Many people have misunderstandings about led lights. They believe that LED lights are harmful to the eyes and refuse to use the LED desk lamp. This article will take you into the truth - in fact, LED desk lamps cause no harm to eyes. And we will introduce you to one of the best LED desk lamps - dimmable LED desk lamp and tell you the benefits of using it.

A Real High-quality LED Desk Lamp Itself Is Not Harmful to Eyes

Some people are afraid of using the LED desk lamp because LEDs are related to blue-ray technology. The blue-ray belongs to optical damage. In fact, when the blue light is in the range of 400-500 mm, the light adaptability of the retina is poor; and when the blue light is in the range of 450-480 mm, the adaptability of the retina becomes 2 to 3 times stronger. The peak spectral emission of an LED is typically in the range of 450 mm to 480 mm. Therefore, as long as the LED lamp works normally, it will not cause damage to the eyes. And LED desk lamp manufactures adopt the latest technologies to make sure their lamps are high-quality and eye-protective. A real high-quality LED desk lamp is equipped with the following features:

1. No infrared ray or ultraviolet ray;

2. No flash or flicker;

3. No electronic wave or radiation interference.

You can find those parameters in a product specification. And all these features exactly proof that LED desk lamps do not cause harm to eyes.

And you have to know sometimes eye strain and poor eyesight are not a result of using a harmful desk lamps, but improper usage of the desk lamps.

1. Turning off background light

Some people like to turn off other lights when they start reading or working with an LED desk lamp. But this will cause a greater illumination difference between the desk lamp and the backlight. And a large difference in illumination can cause greater pupil contraction and fatigue, even short-sight.

2. Misplacement of the lamp

Sometimes, misplacement of the lamp can be a reason to poor eyesight. We can give some facts. When reading or studying, people put the lamp in front right of the table. In that case, their right hands block the lighting. When working on computer, they do not let the desk light illuminate the computer screen forward and backward to supply enough lighting for eyes. Keeping eyes in the dim lighting environment for a long time is absolutely harmful.

Now, it is clear that the LED desk lamp itself is reliable to use and not harmful to eyes.

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The Benefits of Using Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

For working in offices and studying at home, desk lamps are of great importance. And studying or working under too bright or too dark lighting is harmful. In this case, the dimmable LED desk lamp can be a good solution. Let’s see what benefits dimmable LED desk lamps can bring.

1. Save Energy & Money

LEDs are the most energy-saving and cost-effective when compared to the halogen, incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. Dimmable LED desk lamps use power-saving LEDs, which consume 80% less power than traditional incandescent lights at the same level of brightness. And they make use of about 1/5th of the total energy that halogen lamps consume. Using the latest LED technology, the dimmable LED desk lamp is designed to last for 50000 hours or more, reducing the hassle of frequent replacement. With a possibility of not having to change the bulb or accidentally burning itself when it’s turned on, it is a trouble-free and cost-effective option to choose from. 

2. Create Different Moods

Dimmable LED desk lamps offer soft and even light that helps to prevent eye strain and relieve stress and anxiety. And this kind of lamp can be designed to have several preset lighting modes. Thanks to this design, it can provide a flicker-free lighting for reading, working, studying, relaxing, and so on. Take a dimmable LED desk lamp with 3 lighting modes as an example:

Studying: Brightest daylight white light makes each word become so clear on the paper.

Reading: Cool white light helps enjoy the reading without eyestrain.

Relaxing: Cozy warm light drives all stress away.


3. Enhance Convenience 

Lamp manufacturers always design dimmable LED desk lamps with touch-sensitive control and memory function. The memory function enables the lamp to automatically resume the brightness level of the previous use when restarted. All operations including power on/off and brightness up/down can be easily done by sliding fingers on the touch-sensitive panel.

4. Increase Productivity

The dimmable LED desk lamp can increase by enabling individual control of lights in order to reduce eye strain and fatigue or to improve concentration.

5. Increase Beauty

In terms of aesthetics, the opportunity for unique, sleek, and modern designs are much greater with dimmable LED desk lamps. The unique modern designs in LED desk lamps mean you do not have to compromise on the aesthetics either for better quality. And LEDs are diodes which are so small they can be put into more sleek lamps for a stylish and beautiful look. 

6. Increase Flexibility

The dimmable LED desk lamp can increase flexibility in the usage of space. For example, a brightly lit space for reading or office space can turn into a presentation/conference area by dimming.

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