At present, led downlights are one of the indispensable led lamp products for hot interior decoration

by:Leimove     2020-03-29
At present, led Downlight is one of the indispensable led lamp products for hot interior decoration, as is the international community. In terms of promoting international cooperation and exchange, GSC cooperates with the International Cooperation Promotion Alliance of LED tube lamps and lanterns, taking Shenzhen, Guangdong province, China as its headquarters, A number of 'target centers' have been laid out in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and other emerging markets, and friendly exchange activities have been widely carried out to strengthen the external understanding and learning of LED lamp enterprises and promote the prosperity of the global LED lamp market. In terms of channel expansion, GSC has successfully opened up North American lighting market channels, Russia and CIS market channels for led Downlight enterprises. Next, GSC will make efforts in the Middle East market, the Belt and Road Initiative countries and emerging market channels to push more LED tube lamp enterprises and better led tube lamp products to the local market and seek common development. GSC makes unremitting efforts to promote the development of led ceiling lamp industry, actively opens up a new path for the development of led tube lamp industry, and hopes to push more and better led tube lamp products to the international market, bring opportunities to more LED tube lamp enterprises. GSC works steadfastly, takes the enterprise seriously into consideration, organizes and carries out the selection activity of 'The Top 10 international competitiveness of Chinese LED tube lamp enterprises' in order to establish the enterprise brand and expand the influence of local enterprises in the international market, to promote LED tube lamp enterprises to further implement the 'going out' development strategy, the selection activity has attracted more than 200 LED tube lamp leading enterprises, listed companies and led tube lamp large enterprises to participate. The relationship between China and countries in the Middle East is getting closer and closer, and more and more cooperation has been reached in infrastructure. For example, China will expand cooperation with Iran in energy and infrastructure construction; China is helping the construction of the Silk Road, and Palestine is also involved. Next, Egypt plans to build a power station and a 500 MW photovoltaic power station; Jordan spends 1. US $0. 2 billion to build a solar charging network; Iraq, which is threatened by war, is still committed to the construction of the southern airport. The rise of infrastructure has promoted the growth of demand for LED tube lighting facilities. This effect continues to spread, resulting in a new round of market demand. Oman plans to make 2015- 2017 vote 2. 5 billion yuan Development rural power infrastructure infrastructure construction project also get the Saudi Arabia Arab 1. 0. 8 billion financial support. The most eye-catching event is the relocation of Egypt. In order to alleviate the congestion pressure in Cairo, the Egyptian government decided to build a new administrative capital near the road between Cairo and Suez, and government departments will move from Cairo to there. Egypt's new administrative capital will open up 4 million Dan ( Egypt Area Unit, 1 million Dan is about 42 acres) Land, repair 3200 long roads, there are lights on the road, the most ideal, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, durable products are LED tube lamps, china's LED tube lamp enterprises have rich experience in undertaking infrastructure construction, street lamp renovation and new construction. Taking this opportunity to enter the Egyptian market will bring great development opportunities for enterprise development.
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